Friday, February 26, 2010

are you there, blog? it's me, Cadiz

I realize that I haven't posted for more than a month. Here's an update on what's been going on:

1) I've been working a lot, and freelancing--which is awesome because

2) We're trying to save for a wedding, tentative date in 2013.

3) I miss H. Because I work evenings, I often pass out mid-conversation and by the time it's the one weekend day I see him, I can't remember anything I had wanted to say.

4) I dumped my Realtor, who had my condo listed for 637 days (at what he said was "the right price") with a ton of showings but very few offers. This is my fault for being too distracted by staying gainfully employed to continually check up on him.

5) My new Realtor took a look at the activity in our building for the time my place was on the market and gently explained that it had been listed far too high for far too long and was actually being used as a bargaining chip for other units to be sold at a better price.

6) Eight of the 12 units for sale in our building are short-sale/foreclosures and the unit one floor below mine (same layout, very nearly the same view) is priced at 100K less.

7) So we must re-list at 50K less than what we had been asking for.

8) This amount is dangerously close to what I still owe on the loan, which is nauseating considering how much I put down originally and what I've paid off in the last five years.

9) So there is a possibility that everything we've saved for the wedding will go toward getting rid of the condo. And I may still owe on top of that.

10) We will likely be unable to turn around and buy another place, as previously hoped.

11) I am extremely upset about this (what with my life savings vaporizing even after having done "everything right"). I can't really complain because I'm certainly not the only person in this situation, and I am better off than a lot of people because I have a job with health insurance.

12) In other--GOOD--news, H and my family got me an iPhone for Christmas! Which means I can do nearly everything (but post, apparently) from my phone without the old dialup. This brings joy to my life, which I can really use. AND because H and I have combined our plans, I end up paying less for a smartphone than I did for the non-smartphone I had. Everybody wins!

13) My brother says he will move back to Chicago when I get pregnant. Like I need any more pressure. But it is still a sweet sentiment.

14) I like my job, which is a very good thing indeed.

15) Everyone at work thinks I have this sunny, cheerful personality. Little do they know how pessimistic I really am.

16) But the people I love have their health! And for that I am so grateful.

17) And I'm doing yoga every day, which makes me feel nice. And sore.

18) I get to see my mom's smile during the day, and if things are quiet enough I can catch the sound of her laugh as I'm walking by. I cannot explain the boost I get inside when I hear it--as if there IS a chance that things may turn out okay after all.

Sorry to be such a stranger lately. I'm going to carve out some time this weekend between freelancing, taxes and emptying out the condo (so it looks bigger) to leave the comments I've been meaning to make while I've been checking out your posts on my reader.