Tuesday, December 25, 2012

oh, Christmas tree!

Every year, my crafty sister-in-law m, (not to be confused with Madelyn or A, my other sisters in law) makes advent calendars. I have no idea how she has time to do this, but they are always gorgeous and thoughtful and really lovely to receive. Last year, she sent us an over-the-door shoe rack, decorated with glittery snowflakes and pretty numbers for the 25 days before Christmas. Each pocket had three gifts, one for Jon, Madelyn and myself, each wrapped in a certain paper. She did this for everyone in the family! Now I use the rack to wrangle all my yarn.

This year, m changed it up. We received a big box in the mail.

It had a pretty white tree in a pot.

The stripedy red box had a handmade ornament and corresponding tag for each day.

We hung all the tags and the ornaments on the bulletin board. Way nicer to look at than expired coupons.

Some of the ornaments were personalized--like this ball of yarn and knitting needles, for me.

This one was just really pretty.

On the 24th, there was a star for the top, made out of sheet music-paper.

And because Madelyn has been slacking, here is a gratuitous shot of everyone's favorite nephew:
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Friday, December 21, 2012

the world didn't end after all

I'm in California for the holidays, my first H Christmas! We got in Wednesday, and settled into Jon's childhood bedroom. Then it was family and fun--including Sarah Silverman and Friends (including one of my faves, Aziz Ansari!)--until I went for a walk with my sisters in law.

My oversize wallet was half hanging out of my pocket, and while I took a moment to say, "Self, just watch, you are going to lose your wallet this way," I walked on out the door, around the block, through the park and to the coffee shop. The trip was about 20 minutes, total.

And then I noticed my wallet was gone.

In the following hours I ransacked the entire house, driveway, street, park, coffee shop enlisting help from the family. I even bothered Madelyn when she was out with friends to ask about it. There weren't that many people out, it was the middle of the day, and I couldn't understand where the heck it had gone.

Right before I got to the dirty business of canceling credit cards and completely flipping out about how I was going to get on a plane without my Drivers' License, Jon suggested we check the post office. He thought he had seen a mail carrier around when we were frantically checking every lawn on the sidewalk. News to me, but people who find wallets sometimes drop them off to the old P.O.

We went to the nearest post office looking for the mail carrier for his block, but they didn't have it. The sweet girl behind the counter apologized and said they didn't have it, but we could try the bigger post office in town.

Jon drove me down to the bigger post office, where the line was out the door with people trying to get their holiday cards in the post. I rang the buzzer at the post-office box window. A mail carrier came to help and then called the boss.

When the boss walked up to the window and said they have my wallet, I about did a cartwheel. I had been ready to give up--apparently the nice lady at the first post office called and said a couple would be coming by and to send them back to the first place. Someone had put my wallet in their mailbox!

All the cash was gone, but my credit cards, ID and gift cards were all there.


And the best part? I didn't have to have my parents express-mail my passport to get home. I hope whoever took my money does something good with it. I'm just thankful they put my stuff in a mailbox and not a trashcan.

Friday, December 07, 2012

but it is pretty accurate

"You know what I want to do during Christmas vacation?"

"What's that?"

"I want to watch lots and lots of movies."


"But only if I can snuggle up next to you."

"Well, you've gotta have someone to sleep on."

"That's just not right, Jon."

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Sunday, December 02, 2012

i left with a bag of hair

I was in the mood for a change. For months I was contemplating chopping off my hair again, and decided to make it happen. Of course, I am lazy, so I never *do* it--generally I walk out the door with wet hair and that is fine by me. But I have been trying to make an effort (makeup at least once a week!) lately. I thought I'd take it to the next level.

 A few weeks ago, my friend Claudia was sweet enough to show me how to straighten my hair. My mom bought me a flatiron, but it is still in the box. My hair was long enough to tuck into the back of my pants; especially when straight.

I went to pp's stylist and coordinated my appointment with hers (so she could stop me from doing something insane that I'd regret).   

The stylist straightened my hair with the blowdryer and took off 10" as if it were nothing. I still had a good amount to work with, so she started doing her thing. There was a good amount of hair on the floor at the end. 

 CC was concerned about me making the cut in winter (even though it's December 2 and 63 degrees in Chicago), so it's nice that I could keep so much length and still have enough to donate. But it's not long enough for a ponytail, so going to the gym is going to be interesting.

Of course, this is how it looks out of the salon. We will see what "style" my kindergarten-level skills will produce on Monday. Let's just pretend this is what I look like all the time, shall we? 

Now pp and I are on the same trim cycle (apparently I have to start getting haircuts every eight weeks...). Making a date out of getting my hair did with one of my favorite people is probably the best way to make sure I actually do it. 
I sort of like linking to old posts, so I'll still throw that in there once in awhile.

In which the word gets out that my husband likes lesbians.