Friday, October 31, 2008

31 on the 31st

Today is H's 31st birthday. Some folks would say it's his "golden" birthday because he's turning 31 on the 31st. It's the oldest golden birthday you can have, which is good because when I mentioned it he had no idea what I was talking about. It would have been sad if it passed him by and he never had the chance to cover himself in confetti or learn the hula or whatever it is people do to mark golden birthdays. Who knows what he's going to want to do to celebrate. But to kick it off right, here's a list of 31 reasons why I think H is supercool.
1. He keeps a beard because I like it, even though it's sometimes itchy for him.

2. He's one of the most loyal people I know—how many Angelenos (is that the proper term for people from Los Angeles?) continue to root for the Rams?

3. He's funny AND pretty.

4. He keeps the most random things within reach at all times (hello, Rubik's Cube tipsheet in his wallet?), but they do come in handy.

5. His favorite color is orange—not because of Halloween as most people suspect, but because of The General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard.

6. He moved to Chicago, 2000 miles away from his home, family and friends.

7. He loves driving and he loves his car, and he's given up both to be with me.

8. He always listens to both sides of the story carefully before making judgments.

9. He's the best explainer I've ever met. I wish he could make a career out of explaining, because then he could make millions and retire at age 45.

10. He's rescued more stray kittens than I can remember names of, even though he's allergic.

11. He has a great sense of direction.

12. He puts in the effort to try and pronounce things correctly, no matter how tricky it is.

13. He has color-change eyes (which is a novelty to me).

14. He never threatens to throw the alarm clock at me, even if I've hit snooze 14 times.

15. He's become adventurous with new foods and will try most anything at least once.

16. He's makes a killer homemade pizza.

17. He's a quick study, especially when it comes to gadgets.

18. He won't take my side if I'm wrong, but he won't be a jerk about it.

19. He will hold onto nearly anything if someone gave it to him.

20. He's amazingly calm in disastrous situations—just as long as they don't involve one of his favorite sports teams.

21. He doesn't lose stuff.

22. He hates to have his shoes or socks off, but compromised on my shoes-in-the-house thing and has a pair of slippers at both the condo and my parents' house.

23. He can say nearly anything with a straight face.

24. He's come up with new and interesting things to talk about every single day for more than three years, and I don't see that slowing down anytime soon.

25. He never, ever fights dirty. Even when the other party resorts to it.

26. He's one of those people who actually absorbs what he reads.

27. He has really soft hair.

28. He loves this restaurant as much as I do, and doesn't mind driving an hour out of the way to take me to it.

29. He says he doesn't dance, but I think I caught him—once.

30. He's pals with my mom.

31. He doesn't mind washing dishes.

I'm sure I'm forgetting the biggies, but you get the idea.
Happy birthday, darling.


Syar said...

This is sweet. :) And also indicative of the importance of soft hair. I wish my hair were softer. I am at war with it currently.

Happy birthday H!

SupaCoo said...

That is a very impressive list! You've got yourself a good 'un there :)

Enjoy the b-day celebrations!

rye said...

I fell in love at number ten (awww!!!). Lucky you :)

Teej said...

H had me at #1. But after reading #10, I REALLY love H. Am totally in the tank for H.

Happy birthday weekend! Because you have to take the whole weekend to celebrate when a birthday falls on a Friday.

Becky said...

ugh, so sweet. i love lists like that - it's the little stuff like that, not the huge, sweeping romantic crap - that adds up to great love in the everyday. I'm so glad that you have that in your life. Oh, yeah, and Happy b-day, H.

also, I believe the proper term for someone from LA is "douchebag".

just kidding.

Noelle said...

So sweet! Happy Halloween birthday to him! I wish I had known about the golden birthday when mine happened 19 years ago!

Madelyn said...

Wow, you are one lucky gal. You should get married already and start having babies.

Psychic Pimp said...

As someone else said, its all about the little things...thats what makes loves last. Happy Bday H ! Oh and Cadiz, sorry I am guilty of #14 except I think I threaten to beat you with it not throw it at you...ah, those good 'ol college years.

cadiz12 said...

Thanks guys! he's a pretty cool guy and i am very lucky.

ah, pp, yours is the normal person's reaction. remember that time when you were on the bottom bunk and you totally unplugged my alarm clock and let me oversleep? I didn't learn my lesson. i know you had to listen to that thing every single day for like four years. sorry about that. i'm H's problem now.

H said...

It's all fun and games until someone's life is on the line and the only way to save them is by solving a rubic's cube. Doesn't sound so crazy to carry around a cheat sheet to solving a rubic's cube now, does it? I didn't think so.

Thank you all for the well wishes!

Guyana-Gyal said...

H. sounds like a lovely, lovely man. One of those patient, kind, gentle types.

Happy bir'day H. [never too late to say 'happy'], hope you enjoy many many more and may your list of [good] traits can grow.

Guyana-Gyal said...

eurgh...bad grammar...

*may your list of good traits grow*

Librarian Girl said...

Awww, what a nice list. He sounds awesome. (or should I saw awww-some?)

CarpeDM said...

He sounds a lot like one of my co-workers who I am secretly in lust with for half of the year - when he grows the beard.

You're a lucky woman for the other 30 items as well!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday H..I particularly like #30 as I know how special she
is...Hope you had a great 31st and
a wonderful weekend. Looking forward to another weekend in the
city, soon..

jinius said...

i love number 18.

Anonymous said...

i love him for you for 7, 9!, 14, and 25 ;)