Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day: Poverty

Months ago I signed up for Blog Action Day, not realizing how busy life would be when the time actually came around to write the post. Basically, thousands of bloggers are posting about a topic (last year it was the environment) today, October 15, to raise awareness. This year the topic is poverty.

I grew up in a very sheltered town—I hadn't seen a homeless person there until the day of my high school graduation; as I held my diploma cover in my lap in the car, I saw him walking in the grass next to the road and was taken aback. But both of my parents came from a country where it's impossible to avert your eyes from how many people are in need all around you. I grew up hearing stories of my own family's tough times, some nights making do with just one chapati to share among seven kids, with my nani pretending she wasn't hungry after working three jobs that day. My parents came here to give us the best in opportunities so we may never see hardship like that, and it breaks my heart to know that such wonderful people that I love so much had to suffer—and that there are millions more like them everywhere, even today.

Please take two minutes and check out some of the other posts from Blog Action day. There are so many worthy causes out there, and it's not only about giving money. I haven't had a lot of time to look, but here are a few "Featured Posts" that caught my eye:

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A list of resources Blog Action Day is putting together.


Anonymous said...

Here is another idea:

Instead of gifts at Christmas, donate to a worthy cause in the name of someone and send them a card.

Habitat for Humanity
Lutheran World Relief
Local Food Bank

Guyana-Gyal said...

I only wish more people cared.