Saturday, January 07, 2012

resolution? um, don't skip making the swatch

Happy 2012, people. I miss this blog. I promised myself that I wasn't going to post until I had one very important task completed, one that has been a sore point for almost three months. So that's what's up with the radio silence. I hope to have that taken care of as soon as possible.

In the meantime, enjoy photos of the little dress I made for my goddaughter, which she will probably be able to wear when she is FOUR (she turned one in October). Trust me, this is a vast improvement on the last knitted item I made for her--it was supposed to be a baby-bag-thing that didn't have defined legs to make it easy for the new mom and dad. What I ended up with was a sweater that I was able to get into MYSELF. Not cute. This time I followed the directions for the 18 month size to the letter* and it still is ginormous. I did the swatch, but bored of it and quit before the requisite stitches; I just jumped into the project.

It has little froggy buttons:

In true Cadiz fashion, I ripped out a good six inches before I was through and modified the Tora Froseth pattern a little bit.

Jon picked out the buttons. Obviously, he has impeccable taste.

*You know, except where I changed the design and the pattern to suit my tastes.