Tuesday, October 31, 2006

i'll wrap your presents in orange and black

if you want to be born on a holiday, i think Halloween is the perfect choice:

a) no one goes out of town or takes vacation then
b) it's not an "family" holiday
c) it's not an obligatory holiday during which people make you feel guilty
d) people dress up and don't look as much like themselves, so they're more likely to let loose and really have fun
e) people will allow themselves to eat loads of things that are bad for them. i.e. birthday cake
f) it's a day people of all ages can enjoy
g) it's an occasion to be transient, so it's likely they can fit your party into their trick-or-treating/other party schedule
h) it's not a picnic holiday or a turkey holiday, so you can better control the menu
i) there's CANDY everywhere!

i happen to know several halloween babies. a girl from work who took the whole week off to celebrate; pp's boyfriend, k, who pp says is the "male version" of me -- which is probably why we get along so famously; and our very own blogger, jon.

and then there's my very own H, who puts the "H" in halloween and every other day of the year. at least for me. even from 2,000 miles away he makes me laugh and drives me absolutely berserk. he's quirky and smart and adorable. he isn't afraid to call me out on bullshit or sample weird foods at my suggestion. or tell me that the weird thing i suggested is disgusting. every day, i feel more love and support than i ever could have imagined and i'm thankful for all the happy accidents that brought us together. Happy Halloween, darling. i love you.


ML said...

Have a great Halloween!

jazz said...

very sweet my dear!

happy birthday to all!

and throw in a witches cackle for good measure.

angel07 said...

Happy Halloween!!! And happy b-day to all the babies today born on my favorite holiday!

Ale said...

omg! you know what you just said? ... "i love you" :)))))

now i totally ignore halloween but i think if i lived abroad that would be the one holiday i'd miss. well- everyone got xmus and easter ... hm.. wait, no- others have the carnival... ok, forget it, i can live abroad!

Radioactive Jam said...

I just want to say at first I misread part of this; in e) where you wrote "eat loads of things" I saw "eat toads" and didn't even give it a second thought. For a while, anyway. Then I did. Which is why I figured out I misread it.

Either way, I think you're right about the beauty of a Halloween birthday.

beenzzz said...

Happy Halloween! I think it would suck to have a birthday on a holiday. I'm sure Christmas is the worst!!!!

Anonymous said...

dude, you're in loooove.

(teasing voice) ooooooOOOOOOoooh!

Anonymous said...

Never have a birthday on a presents-holiday, if you can help it; you'll only get one set of gifts. But if you have to be born on a holiday, this isn't a bad choice.

cadiz12 said...

yeah, yeah, i said it. and i'll celebrate by downing some gummy toads.

Jon said...

I can't find a single flaw with this post. I'm going to declare it perfect.