Wednesday, November 01, 2006

i'm taking requests

while lurking around last month, i stumbled upon NaBloPoMo, or National Blog Posting Month. in the spirit of National Novel Writing Month-- when some really dedicated writers spin an entire novel out in thirty days-- these people pledge to post every day for the entire month of November.

so i thought i'd give it a whirl, too. i especially liked this part:

"If you don't want to participate as a NaBloPoMo blogger then your mission is simply to delurk and comment on one of the sites below, or another of your favorite blogs, once a day in the month of November as a show of support. This will also prove that you can read and that you think blogging is nice."
-- fussy, of

so basically, i'm a sure thing daily for the next thirty days. regardless, if you go to the NaBloPoMo site, you'll see an ENORMOUS list of participants, including myself, and maybe you'll find a blog you like enough to follow the whole month through.

wish me luck!


omar said...

I saw that too, and briefly thought about trying to participate. Then I copped out.

Good luck!

beenzzz said...

I wonder if I should participate too.........nah. :)

jazz said...

you're ten times the writer that i am.

all the power to you!

LadyBug said...

Hi. I'm participating, too, and have committed to commenting on a new site each day, in addition to posting at my place.

Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I'd do it, but I know I'll never manage the weekends.

Huge kudos for taking it on!

Guyana-Gyal said...

I have a good cop out excuse: slow, really really reeeeeally slow internet :-)

Will you be posting every day too?

cadiz12 said...

yes, i'll be participating.

and I WASN'T KIDDING about taking requests. i'm pretty sure i'll be out of material shortly after election day. help a girl out, peeps.

Radioactive Jam said...

Congratulations in advance, because - yeah. You'll do it. Looking forward to the day by day!

Suggestions... hmm. Work backward through the Novembers of your life and extract something from each year. Weave in whatever else pops up during the course of the month if you're not yet thirty (true, yes?). Might be lame, might be good...

And good luck.

cadiz12 said...

thanks for the encouragement, guys. i'm going to come back and look at these comments on nov. 15 when i find i have absolutely nothing to say.

noted, jam. i'll have to look back and see if there's anything worth repeating. i like the idea, though! thanks!

ML said...

I've seen several things about this. I'm not much of a writer, so I'll let the talented folks do this :)

justanothersarah said...

I saw it, and am trying, but not committing to it. According to Grey's Anatomy from last night, I'm a chicken not a pig.

Suggestion: What's your theme song and why?