Wednesday, November 08, 2006

maybe peggy sue will show up

in february, i got a letter inviting me to my ten-year high school reunion. it was scheduled for the day after thanksgiving. i've always planned on attending, if anything just to see people with whom i made small talk during class but didn't really see outside of school. plus it's always interesting to see if the so-and-sos have lived up to their potential.

i put the wheels in motion to try and get the day off (read: offered to work on thanksgiving and christmas to have that most coveted friday in november free). but after all that trouble, i got another letter in the mail, saying the reunion was canceled. i guess the agency in charge of planning it, ReunionMakers, went out of business. after they took a whole bunch of money from people.

so it looked like the whole thing was off. most of my friends didn't really care. our tightknit highschool group has managed to survive college, bad relationships, marriages and multiple cross-country moves and is now still moderately tightknit. but i was disappointed. working on turkey day for nothing? uh-uh. i wanted to see some acquaintance-types, dammit. you know, like j.w.. (i heard he gained a lot of weight and lost a lot of hair. but i'm sure his eyes are still crinkly.) i figured, if they already had the venue and the date/time set, why couldn't we cut out the shady middleman and put on the party ourselves?

now if you think i actually tore myself away from dungeon duty to attempt such a thing, you are sadly mistaken. but some girls from our class took up the task because they've got spirit, yes, they do. the cost has come down and it's turned from a formal sitdown dinner to 3 hours of open bar and appetizers. so i'm happy. now i just have to convince more friends. because if the whole thing is lame, we can sit in the corner sipping alcohol and talking smack about people.

C'MON. what else is a high school reunion for anyway?


Radioactive Jam said...

Sounds like a better deal and plan. And if you run out of people to "discuss" you can move on to ReunionMakers, and try to come up with some way to exact revenge.

Or depending on the crowd, work on a similar scheme. I am kidding! No one should *plan* to fleece and steal; that would be un-Google-like i.e. evil.

Hope it works out. But maybe you should also take up the organizing task, since you already have a Thank(sgiving)less job.

Sorry, I'm still more than a little cracked-up by your Iota Omega fraternity / tattoo story.

ML said...

I like the latter plan better. I hope it works out. High schools are a bit odd in my opinion. Some people love that sort of thing, though.

beenzzz said...

I think high school reunion serve only two see who got fat and who aged poorly. HEHEHHE

angel07 said...

Hope it turns out fun! We had our renuion at a bar in June. $30 all you can drink...and boy did everyone drink their share! People were plastered by midnight, it was hilarious!

And yes...many of the HS hotties got chunkalicious... while us late-bloomers turned out to be the hit of the night! It was great! ;)

Ale said...

haha- i have selective amnesia in which i selectively wiped out all idiots from that school - (xpt u guys :) so no need for me to see anyone- i thought i was better then most people anyway and the few that were better then me i was super jelous of- so dont want to see them either!

haha just kidding- well no maybe not

Jon said...

Yeah… I missed my HS reunion. I’m still annoyed by the fact that my current email address is on the alumni website, yet they contacted my mother through some sideways, channel… My disappointment caused me to miss it all… or maybe I just didn’t care… it was a couple weeks ago, and I can’t honestly be expected to remember back that far.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if I'll have a ten-year reunion. And if I would go. But I'm glad yours is happening, since you seem to be.

Drinks and appetizers sounds much better than formal sit-down dinner. This way you get to talk to more than the people at your table, who are probably the friends you've kept in touch with and wouldn't need a reunion to see.

Gloria Glo said...

My high school reunion was in Idaho - duh - that's where I went to school. I guess the advertising for it was a flyer at the local grocery store. As for me, I got a phone call 12 HOURS before the event and an apologetic, "Gee, I guess you can't come, huh?"

I didn't skip the talking smack.

Syar said...

I still have 8 years to go, but the past two have been spent cruising Freindster and talking smack about those acquaintances.

don't want to get out of practice or anything.

hey, when exactly is thanksgiving?

Anonymous said...

I our school never got a high school reunion, most of my classmates are in NY lol. So I guess the have a reunion everytime the go to Queens Jamaica...

cadiz12 said...

oh, btw, syar, thanksgiving is on the fourth thursday of november. which is dumb because the stupid day after is often what stands between some of us unlucky wretches and a four-day holiday.

this year, it's on the 24th.