Friday, November 24, 2006


tomorrow i'm going home for the weekend. i'd be lying if i said i wasn't looking forward to the aroma of curry and the lumpy couch, upon which i will sit until my ass contours to the shape and catch up on all the shows i missed this week while i was in the land of the air mattress and canned soup.

but that will have to wait till saturday. because tomorrow is the high-school reunion. highcon went on a mission to find something HOTT to wear and has issued a mandate that we all walk in together with our hair breezing back in slow motion to some barry white background music. ri was going to buy new clothes and some of the others are fretting about dress code, too. from the beginning, i had decided to wear work clothes (the invite says "dressy casual"). is this wrong? i mean, i did go with highcon to barney's and club monaco and of course he didn't like anything there and ended up at banana republic per usual. but seriously? shave my legs at the end of november in chicago? for losers whom i probably won't remember? uh, no. i think a black sweater and grey pants will suit me just fine. it works in the office. of course, now that i've proclaimed it in such a haughty way, everyone and their mom is going to show up as if they're reliving the senior prom and i'm going to feel like a fool. whatever.

i've already decided that the people who will be there will most likely be a combination of those whom i see fairly regularly and those i couldn't give two shits about. you know the ones-- selfabsorbed twits who pretty much lived and died based on who was dating whom and how long they could continue making out in front of my locker before i smacked the back of one of their heads with my chemistry book. on accident. maybe. highcon talked to a few of our far-flung acquaintances and found out that many of them hadn't even heard about the event. granted, that's probably because of the whole ReunionMakers snafu, but you know this thing is going to be the spirit committee and their rippling circle.

eh, i'll be hopped up on cold medicine. it should be fun.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a can't-miss event. You'll have a great time no matter how many prom queens show up in relivery.

Also, unrelated - you won something.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I bet you have fun anyway.

The Stormin Mormon said...

The reasons you give for not loving the idea of going are the same reasons that I won't be attending my reunion. Everyone from High School that I really want to see, I already hang out with regularly.

But, at the same time, remember that most of the people that you will see were immature idiots in High School, and might have grown a bit since then. And some of them will be exactly the same...

Anonymous said...

I guess high school reunions can be fun. If you really want them to be. Yeah, I guess it's possible.

Don't drive yourself nuts over it. Anyone who doesn't like you the way you come is probably not worth stressing over.

Anonymous said...

I hope you wore what you said (which sounded great to me, by the way) and enjoyed yourself!