Tuesday, November 14, 2006

at least i'm not claiming Post-Its

okay, so the high school reunion spirit committee sent out a form asking for the particulars. you know, name, married name, kids' names, pets' names, address, blablabla. but then they wanted to know other stuff, too. stuff you really shouldn't be trying to come up with when you've been commuting/working for 14 hours on 3 hours' sleep. stuff such as:

favorite song from '92-'96? okay, that's pretty easy. i put "california love" by Dr. Dre/Tupac, but only because one of my friends mentioned it during a discussion on the topic, so i can't even take credit for that. however, i agree wholeheartedly.

what i should have said:
"california love" by Dr. Dre/Tupac

favorite high school memory: i grasped for straws and came up with an all-school coordinated waterballoon fight we had between 2nd and 3rd period during "freshmen hell week." (yeah, i got some great shots in, but we were sophomores then, and had been completely terrorized the year before by seniors who sprayed our hall with waterguns filled with fox urine and cut off random locks, emptying the contents and setting them on fire and having a live pig run amok. security protected the freshman the next year, so we got hazed as sophomores, too. and by the time we were seniors we had no energy to expend on traumatizing younger classes. but the balloon fight was still fun.)

what i should have said:
as my friend, ri, aptly remembered: our senior class trip down the western coast of italy, from Rome to Sicily. seriously one of the biggest eye-opening, horizon-broadening, taste-for-travel-inducing experiences of my life. it solidified my love for Spanish and my persona as the make-sure-your-giddy-friends-don't-do-stupid-shit-like-run-off
-on-a-ferry-with-strange-foreign-men schoolmarm. whatever. say what you will, but nobody got assaulted under my watch.

interesting fact about you:
this one stings the most. let's remember, i was on ZERO SLEEP so it was on my mind. i wrote, "i talk in my sleep." upon further thought, i am now positive everyone else's is going to be "i found the cure for psoriasis" or "i help starving orphans when i'm not improving the quality of anti-gravity space boots." even Mr. High Contrast is going to say he climbed the Himalayas, though we all know he was motionsick and on a donkey.

what i should have said:
SO MANY THINGS I COULD HAVE SAID INSTEAD! i could have talked about camping out in the Sahara with camels (come to think of it, i had food poisoning then too, so i feel ya, highcon.) Or seeing William "refrigerator" Perry perform his part of the Superbowl Shuffle literally ten feet in front of me. or you know, risking my life every night by working in a DUNGEON, for God's sake.

sadly, because of this halfass form filling, i will be remembered as the girl who blocked out all the fantabulous things she actually did and focused on what earned demerits. furthermore, i will be the broad who spent the decade after getting a diploma cultivating her frigging nocturnal oratory skills.

what i should have said:
i STILL can't think of the right thing to say until it's too way late.


Radioactive Jam said...

Before certain unplanned movie-watching from this past weekend, I wouldn't have "gotten" the post title. I feel so much more fulfilled now.

And sorry about the should have saids. I wish I could claim I don't have that kind of thing happen to me. All the time.

But I cannot. Still, you'll have a good time and also, the people who are satisfied with their answers - lame or not - won't be giving these another thought, while you will have considered and collected some truly awesome "should have said" responses. You'll share them at the reunion and they'll like, be in awe of you. And rightly so.

Ale said...

person i loved to hate from highschool: that little sophmore girl that i copied my ap physics homework from EVERY MORNING... and then her DARING to act in a condecending maner to us as she finished our groups projects!!! uuuuugggghhhhh!!! i bet she's splitting atoms at Fermi now...

willowtree said...

Wow, at least they asked something about you and what you remember. My HS reunion was earlier this year and all they asked was for $300.
Seriously, they wouldnt even spring for paper, the request was e-mailed.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Shees, the last time my high school had a reunion I planned to go then didn't. Most of the girls in my class bored me. Now they're all married with children, living overseas.

Ale said...

wow willowtree- $300!!! ours was going to be that expensive as well but then they changed it to a cocktail hour instead of a sit down dinner

GG- yeah that WOULD be boring- i think I BORE my friends with children- because apparently my adventures cant possibly comapare in level of excitement with a burp or a wet diper-

ML said...

Never been to a high school reunion. I'm not sure I would want to anyway ;)