Thursday, November 02, 2006

typical 2 a.m.

you know, nothing's changed.

i'm still sitting here, in the middle of the night, waiting for reports.

i'm still browsing around the internet, chuckling at what other people have to say about their boyfriends, bad jobs, housebreaking puppies or america's next top model.

i'm still thinking about how fast i can safely get home without getting a ticket or killed to watch lost (even though i'm holding judgement on this season because the ratio of commercials to storyline is becoming more and more equal with each episode)

i'm still dartingly eyeing the corners of the hallway for anyone who may be lurking there to quietly strangle, dismember and stash the pieces that were me in a utility closet on some rarely used floor.

i'm still bleary-eyed because i didn't get enough sleep because i just had to watch the daily show AND the colbert report at 7 a.m.

i'm still craving a grilled cheese sandwich from the cafeteria downstairs, but won't go because the second i leave my office is when they'll bring me the reports.

i'm still feebly fighting off the idea that i traded my life for my television when i agreed to take on this job two years ago.

i'm still sitting here trying to come up with something coherent to post while i wait.

the only difference? now i'm COMMITTED, which generally means any fledgling genius ideas have run for the hills to snuggle up with wads of cotton and leaves and nuts or whatever else hibernating things love to snuggle with. only to return in december. when NaBloPoMo is over.


Radioactive Jam said...

I gotta say, your 2AM is *way* more interesting than mine. For that matter your 2AM is more interesting than my 2PM, which might be a better comparison. I almost never have to deal with potential strangling and/or dismemberment at work.

Plus no cafeteria here - barely a break room - so forget grilled cheese sandwiches. Okay sure there's the microwave but - ew. No.

And and "found" you via the NaBloPoMo list. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Anonymous said...

The up side of working all night is that you probably get to be the first poster of NaBloPoMo each day. There's probably a special prize for that.

ML said...

Hey, did you the grilled cheese sandwich? You know how important those cravings are!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that your cafeteria is open at 2am.

Your emphasis on "committed" struck me. Is that what happens to us at the end of November, if we don't get to the TGIF (Thank Goodness It's Finished) party? We get committed?

Anonymous said...

when do you sleep???

beenzzz said...

I bet you're exhausted! Then again you can post stuff when everyone is asleep. That is a plus! :)

LadyBug said...

That totally counts as a post! Hee.

cadiz12 said...

believe me, it only sounds more interesting. it's my own fault that i don't sleep much, really. no one forces me to stay up till 7 a.m. watching tv and then have to wake up at 11 in order to get a few things done before work. but i'm going to go ahead and blame the addiction to television. it lets me rest easier for the snippets that i can.

Jon said...

at least you're watching some quality TV... it can't all be bad.