Sunday, November 05, 2006

without both, you just get half

ever since my friend ri got married to her love in july, they've been cultivating all the things good marriages have, like divided chores, making time for dates, and most importantly, speaking as a unit.

"i'm so crazed with all the things i have to take care of lately that i'm losing my mind!"

"and her keys; before we left to come here, she lost her keys, her phone or both several times. all in the span of five minutes."

"ha ha! yeah, and this afternoon i left them hanging in the mailbox in the lobby! can you imagine? oh man, that was bad."

"especially because you came all the way upstairs without them."

"yeah! and i'm sitting here knocking on the door, thinking my husband would open it for me, but noooo."

"hey, i was in the shower!"

"don't lie, you were standing at the end of the hall, ignoring me!"

"that's not true, i thought you were a neighbor."

"you see, i left the keys in the mailbox downstairs in the lobby and went all the way upstairs. and c was in the shower--"

"and she realized she had no way of getting in. meanwhile, i'm coming out of the shower in a towel and hear a knocking on the door. i figured if it was ri, she'd just use her key, so i ignored it. what! i was in a towel!"

"so i had to go back downstairs, but i didn't want to haul all the mail with me. so i put it under the door."

"i see mail sliding in from under the door, so i figured it was a neighbor who got something of ours by mistake."

"it wasn't one thing! it was a whole pile with newspaper advertisements and everything!"

"yeah, yeah, and then i saw that one envelope had been opened and i said, 'man, the neighbors are going through our mail!' and i figured that's probably why they knocked, to apologize for accidentally opening it."

"but not at first! at first you thought it was a robber."

"right, at first i went for my baseball bat and thought, 'okay guy, let's do this thing.' "

"but it really was just me."

"yeah. ridiculous."



cadiz12 said...

this was a conversation at dinner last night for our girl, kaiya. happy birthday kai!

Anonymous said...

lol thats really funny...

Ale said...

hmmmm now who, and WHY? does one take a shower mid evening???

Radioactive Jam said...

Married in July and already they have this kind of interwoven unit-ness? Awesome.

And thanks for triggering a sequence of smiles here. Makes me feel almost ready to actually do some work.

highcontrast said...

omg, i want to be a smug married.
(btw, is it me, or does anyone else have a hell of a time verifying these word verfications?)

Jon said...

I like the fact that it could have been a total non-event, but they still managed to turn it into an interesting story.

jazz said...

ugh smug marrieds.

so far from that myself...

beenzzz said...

Great story! Really, who showers in the evening unless they workout? ;)

Syar said...

I want unit-ness and the ability to turn non-event yarn into cool blabber.


ML said...

Too funny! It sounds like that Billy Crystal and Debra Winger movie...I forget what it's called.