Friday, November 10, 2006

November: National GET BUSY month

okay, so i'm participating in this NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), which was inspired by NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), which also inspired NaKniSweMo (National Knit a Sweater in a Month) and NaSoAlMo (National Solo Album Month).

there's also Naplwrimo (National Playwriting Month) and NaNoMangO (i don't know what it stands for, but it's 30 pages of sequential art.)

and let's not forget National Diabetes Month , National Adoption Month, National Family Caregivers Month, National American Indian Heritage Month and National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

all of the above are November. (except NaNoMangO, which is november AND june.) and God knows what else is out there that i haven't stumbled upon.

my question to you is: why november? is it chock full of dead time that could be dedicated to things we always wished we did? is it biologically the best time of the year to be committed to something? if so, why aren't more people engaged or married at this time? are extra projects what is needed to burn off all that extra turkey? because let's face it, you know we're going to put this stuff off till the last minute and be scrambling during thanksgiving anyway.

personally, i think it's because november goes really well with naming things beginning with "Na" and ending with "Mo." but that's just me.


Radioactive Jam said...

Mental giant that I am, I just realized: technically NaBloPoMo should be InBloPoMo. Probably some of those other ones are also calling themselves 'National' despite international participation.


Anonymous said...

when i saw the title of your post, i thought that you were saying that november was the time to, you know, get bizzay (wink, wink).

and then i felt all pressured to find someone willing to get bizzay with me.

but then i read the post, and realized that i was freaking out for nothing.

Ale said...

cus that's the month when seasonal depressive disorder kicks in and best remedy for moping around is to DO something. just my therory-- it a month of transition... to cold for outdoor fallsy stuff and the SKI season hasn't started yet!!! :)

did u check for a spike in birth rate in the month of august??

cc said...

Ale, you're right, the holidays are the biggest time where people fight depression and whatnot, and November is the kickoff of all the hoopla. Maybe these activities are meant to counter that. Damn, I had no idea it was National Knit a Sweater Month. I only have 21 more days!

P'tit Boo said...

Thanks for the plug.
I appreciate it !

November is dark and gray in a lot of places , so it gives people something to focus on, right ?


naplwrimo organizer

cadiz12 said...

good points, all around.

i sometimes forget about our international friends; i'll have to be more conscious of that.

sorry about the bait and switch, becky; it wasn't on purpose.

all the august birthdays must be from people getting snuggly during the winter holidays. yeah, and the change to winter is always reason to stay home and try to be productive. like today, instead of going food shopping, i'm curled up on the couch with the laptop.

best of luck to all the playwrights out there!

omar said...

I'm gonna put a solo album out this month. Look for it in stores by December 1st.

Fatima Mohamed said...

woahhh indeed huh

Modern Viking said...

That reminds me, I have a novel to write!

Syar said...

ok, I'm an august birthday and the thought of my parents getting snuggly during any season is just wrong. scar tissue-ing it over in my

NaNoMangO cracks me up. I feel like you should say that with maracas in your hand and a fruit headdress on. Along with that cropped frilly sleeved top.


ML said...

Good grief! That's a lot of stuff to do in November!