Friday, October 06, 2006

we're onto you

one of my favorite people, mr. high contrast, is somebody i have known since freshman year of high school. when you first meet him, you think to yourself, "my, what an intelligent, successful businessman! and he's witty and goodlooking, too!" but what only a few people truly know is that the man is really a prankster at heart who takes sadistic joy in messing with people when they least expect it; like when they're in the bathroom and have left their e-mail account open. behold his handiwork, via an e-mail from my friend kaiya:


(no subject)

cadiz -
i'm over you.



i see highcon has been hacking into your email again.

i cant believe that little [expletive] wrote 4 separate distinct emails. i dont know how he was able to craft A different non mass email email to people in FRONT of my own FACE!!!!

HOW does he do this?

but it's so funny; some things just never get old.

hope all is well.

and its funny how s, Kupsaroo and ale, like u, had no question in their mind... that an email straight from me... even if it was their first of a kind.... no question it had to do with highcon.

highcon told Kupsaroo... "can i tickle your pickle?"



what did he tell the others?


"i wanna do you like they do it on the discovery channel."

"i want to run my fingers through your hair. i want to sing a song in my bra and panties."

"I'm over you."

"can i tickle your pickle?"


good LORD. he's hilarious.


somehow, this e-mail hijacking game never tires for our fair highcon. the first time there was a lot of confusion over kaiya writing such salacious things. but we caught on quickly and can spot him a mile away. all of these victims have known him for more than 8 years, some as long as 15. all are female. but what should be applauded is that the missives were sent out, unbeknownst to the real sender, in the span of what i can only guess was about 30 seconds.

nice work, hc. but next time, try to get the tone right; this prank was outright transparent.


Anonymous said...

he sounds hilarious. but he's not getting ANYWHERE near my pickle.

Anonymous said...

and also, you know how you can tell it was a joke?
---cuz no one could ever get you, cadiz

smiley emoticon
in a non-lesbian way

not that there's anything wrong with that

cadiz12 said...

oh becky, i WISH that were true. to be honest, i think i'm highcontrast's favorite target because i fell for EVERYTHING in high school. one day i'll sit down for about 12 hours and write about all the times he got me.


Anonymous said...

woops - typo! i meant "no one could ever get OVER you."

you seem like a total target for practical jokes. in a good way.

beenzzz said...

Wow! You have to be on you guard with this guy at all times. Good thing you all have him figured out! ;)

Radioactive Jam said...

No no no, you'er getting this all wrong you're supposed to be OUTRAGED and angry and vindictive and calling lawyers and... and... ah never mind. Such a reaction sounds completely stupid even when I try my hardest to mean it.

Too bad all that stupidness I tried to muster is the PC response du jour, eh.

Glad your crew knows how to have incorrect fun; sometimes I worry it's become a lost art. Way to keep it alive!

jazz said...

i heart highcontrast.

someday he'll realize that i know nothing about relationships and he will stop asking for advice.

i think we need to figure out how to prank him though. ideas?

Syar said...

funny! isn't the first email a lyric from a song? saucy. :-)

you remind me of a friend of mine (Farah). she's easy to prank too.

Ale said...

OHHH THAT'S hillarious!!!!!!!!
wait a MINUTE!!...!!!! i once got a text msg from Kaya saying that she cant wait to stroke my beautiful hair...... you mean that wasnt for real!??? suks!!! :)))


cadiz12 said...

oh we had a really good one on him in high school. just the one, but it finally was revealed more than five years later. that was great. it IS good we have him figured out, beenz.

jam, when you think of people like your brothers and sisters, most of the time PC goes out the window. and the fact that i'm gullible like farah makes us more loveable, no?

sorry, jaz, but he reads this. we'll have to take our plotting elsewhere. and ale, c'MON. you know it had to highcon. kaiya is his favorite means for causing havoc.

piu piu said...

hey cadiz-

i have a favor to ask. i'm coming to chicago in a week (with my new guy yay!) and i wanted to ask for some tips... cool jazz bars to go to... not the ripoff tourist places, the cute and crazy places....

please help!

piu x

Jon said...

I think most of my friends lack imagination… they’ve never tried to pull any practical jokes. Not that I know of anyway. Perhaps they spend the majority of their time plotting and scheming, and every single one of their plans fails miserably… day after day after day…

ML said...

Busted! Ha! Too funny.

Gloria Glo said...

that is all sorts of funny! I'm highly impressed by how well-honed his talent for pranking has...I lost the grammar somewhere here.

Demosthenes said...

Let the cubicle wars begin!

"Reboot me"

Anonymous said...

I wonder what other emails he sent that didn't get caught.