Thursday, March 20, 2008

Maybe the Easter bunny will bring me some lamps

For all of you wondering about the Great Move, here's probably WAY more updates than you care for:
  • Tenants are out. I got the keys, the place is getting cleaned as we speak.
  • Ordered new appliances (stainless is a must in this market) 
  • Got an exorbitant price quote on hardwood; getting a second opinion. However, I kind of really want it. But I don't want to have to pay for it with my teeth. (Perhaps that expression only works in Hindi.)
  • Bought barstools with the same style of stitching as the couch at a pretty good deal—no exchange/no return—proceeded to puncture a hole in the back of one with the door of my car on the way home. The store stuck to its policy. I nearly cried.
  • After looking at three bazillion comforter sets, I finally chose one (blue w/ brown accents) that has a very subtle leaf design. (Thanks for the coupon, H's sister!)
  • Found a west elm rug for the living room that has a similar leaf pattern (look at me tying things together subconsciously)
  • Will be buying a nightstand, coffee table and tv console today after work. (fingers crossed)
  • Stumped trying to figure out what kind of desk* will work in a space like this:
From the door to the heating post is 32", the post sticks out 14" and from that corner to the wall is 26.5". The line on the carpet is where the edge of the bed will likely be, approximately 38" from the parallel post-wall. Yes, I realize how ridiculous this space is.

  • H's shipped stuff will probably be delayed; trying to find something for him to do in the empty place waiting all day for the furniture/appliances—perhaps assemble furniture?
  • Trying to figure out which accent color will look good on the wall behind a blue bedspread and dark brown nightstand. 
  • Trying to find decent-priced metal-ish pendant lights to hang from/replace this awkward-looking track light over the kitchen bar:
  • Packing. What exactly defines "essential" anyway?
  • Moving furniture in/old appliances out in a U-Haul excursion with my dad (cause for stress in itself, as we are both made of the same stubborn, know-it-all DNA, which only flares up when dealing with one another) on Saturday.

Who knew getting a handful of furniture to make a place "show" ready would be so damn frustrating? If I were just shopping for us, this would be a lot more fun. But trying to pick stuff I like that'll appeal to a variety of buyers, as well as work wherever we end up living next is downright mind-boggling.

On top of that, I have to find a hotel in Mobile for all of us to stay at for my brother's graduation, a task we talked about doing months ago that has somehow slipped through the cracks. And work. Gotta find time for that, too. Oh, and that little holiday thing going on this weekend, too. Perhaps the family wouldn't mind joining in on some freight-elevator rides to celebrate?

*any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


Anonymous said...

I'm exhausted just reading this....

SupaCoo said...

I HEAR YA. The whole thing just sucks, huh? But it will be so worth it when it's all over!

Sphincter said...

What did you do with all this energy when you weren't involved in the Move-a-rama?

cadiz12 said...

i slept a whole lot more.

nearly all the pieces i wanted at IKEA last night were sold out! :(

velocibadgergirl said...

I can't wait to see photos of your pretty stuff (esp. the blanket, because it sounds PERFECT). :D

Guyana-Gyal said...

Don't sell your teeth, ever thought of bamboo? They're using bamboo to make wood for floors, it looks posh yet it's [supposed to be] affordable enough that you don't have to sell teeth and hair.

jinius said...

wait are you and H moving in together? im so behind in the blog!

Lia said...

In English, there's the expression, "I'd give my eyeteeth for ____". So it works in English, too. Except I've never been quite sure what "eyeteeth" are. Canines? I think.