Wednesday, March 25, 2009

if the first year is the toughest, we've totally got this

"Dude, can you believe that as of yesterday it's been a year since you moved here?"

"It doesn't feel like a whole year. More like six months."

"How ridiculous is it that we used to see each other for a weekend after being apart a month or two and that was totally fine, but now it's weird just to go a week without seeing each other?"

"Funny how things change."

"They say the first year of living together is the hardest."

"And people were concerned about us being practically on top of each other in such a little condo, too."

"I'm pretty surprised it's gone so smoothly, considering there's really no personal space."

"If anything, you think the place is too big. If I'm sitting on the chair you're wondering why I'm not next to you on the couch."

"Yeah, and when you're in the other room you seem so far away...I'll bet we could even make do with a studio!"

"Let's not push it."


SupaCoo said...

How can it be a year already?? How can time fly so fast? That's nuts!

Congrats on the move-aversary!

omar said...

How has H adapted to the cold?

Time is going way fast. I was just thinking how it's been six months since my visit to Chicago! Not that I'm equating my visit to H's move, mind you.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! I think everyone who knows you was a little worried it would be rough, what with the drastic change of time spent together and all. But you proved us all wrong and for that I am glad.

Lia said...

Impressive. Good for you!