Thursday, June 11, 2009

m.i.a. for a little bit longer

Okay so I have to make this one quick; my dad's niece, her husband and 1-year-old are taking their first States-side tour from Dubai. They will be the first and only blood relatives we've had for a visit since my Nani lived with us for a year in the mid-'80s, so I've been in suburbia for the last several days overseeing the completion of home improvements that have been languishing unfinished for decades. (Seriously, if you want to finally get that box of tiles in the basement up onto the kitchen backsplash, just tell your dad that some long-lost relatives are flying in and you'll be amazed how fast it gets done.)

As for Citibank, I finally realized that they don't give a flying monkey dung about helping me; why would they lower my payments when they can pile on the late fees instead? I took out a loan from the only reliable bank in town, Mom & Dad LLC, got current and as soon as the family visit is over I'm going to try and get into one of those programs some other way. And find myself any kind of job with health insurance (those of you who are covered but have been putting off going to the doctor, get your heads out of your behinds and TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES). I've promised my dad that I will never speak to a Citibank representative ever again. I have thirty days, starting next week.

But I have about thirty seconds left to be on the computer--my childhood bedroom is not going to clean itself.


Lia said...

A visit from family should be nice - enjoy! Your dad's niece - wouldn't that make her your first cousin? First cousins are close. I think even all the cleaning is worth it.

Citibank, on the other hand, is not nice. There are better banks out there, definitely. Good luck straightening out all the financial and insurance stuff. Not so fun.

MonsteRawr said...

Have fun with the fam! I look forward to hearing about it.
As for Citibank, I imagine an envelope stuffed with razor blades might get the message across.

cadiz12 said...

i just talked to my mom and she's so head-over-heels in love with the 1-year-old that i worry she may be too distracted to pick us up from the train station tonight. great. this means the grandbaby pressure will be multiplied by a factor of 11.

lia: i guess i said dad's niece because in Hindi every familial relationship has a specific name and i guess that's how it would translate. i don't understand the western tradition of 1st cousin, 2nd cousin and all that "removed" business.

MonsteRawr: thanks! maybe i can send it back full of all their stupid notices, too. ugh.

Stephanie said...

Too bad it's illegal to send anthrax in the mail. Sounds like Golden needs a dose. I'm so sorry - hang in there! At least your family will keep you occupied for a while, as will fending off marriage/baby comments.

Guyana-Gyal said...

You know what's ironic? I know of jobs going in some countries that pay top rates, higher than in the US or the UK or teaching English.