Tuesday, August 18, 2009

fruits of the garden

I realize that I haven't posted any pictures of how the garden is doing:

July 2:

My mom's friend got her some solar-powered lights that have these nylon flowerpetals that spin with the wind. They give the place a nice splash of color. However, I may have put them together wrong because the lights do not turn on.

July 24:

Please excuse the weeds.

We also had red and yellow peppers, but they were planted in a small on-the-ground patch nearer to the house and THE BUNNIES got them. See why the maximum security was necessary?

The zucchini is always monstrous, as you can see by the foliage. We've been giving them away all over the place.

I always forget to take pictures of the stuff we pick before it's all cooked up and eaten. I prefer the green beans to the yellow.

August 6:

The burpless cucumbers have been delicious.

The tomatoes have yet to redden on the vine. I'm sure we'll have them lined up on the windowsill to ripen any day now.

Okra. Which I can only get H to eat in a gumbo, but that's it. Hey, you take what you can get.

Cut up, they look like little stars.

Why do they always say "two peas in a pod" I have yet to see pods with only two peas in them. Do I have the saying wrong?

We're not sure what that rounded-bottom gourd/squash thing is on the right, but it tasted good!


omar said...

Those damn bunnies!

I don't believe I've ever tried okra. And I don't believe I ever will.

Everything looks great! We tried growing some tomatoes this year. I'd say we've so far enjoyed moderate success. I'll have to send some pictures.

SupaCoo said...

You're making my mouth water, here! I want to come over for a home-grown dinner so bad.

Sphincter said...

Congrats! Looks so yummy. I never cease to be amazed that stuff grows in such a relatively short period of time. It's pretty cool, really.

Anonymous said...

Looks great.

Madelyn said...

It looks really good.

That's a really good point about the 2 peas in a pod. 'll look into it.

Keep up the good work!

Lia said...

I've tried okra. Once was enough for me.

Now the zucchini . . . FYI - I have a really yummy recipe for zucchini muffins. Mmmmm. I use zucchini in everything. Maybe I should come out to Chicago to get some. :)

cadiz12 said...

what's with all the hating on okra?!? it's one of my favorite bhajis (vegetable dishes)! maybe you guys just haven't had it made properly. the key is to keep it dry; otherwise it gets gooey.

all of you are welcome to come out here and have as many zucchini as you like.

madelyn, i appreciate your looking into that idiom thing for me. that pea thing has really been bothering me.

oh and i am totally interested in that zucchini recipe, lia, if you're not keeping it a family secret (and i understand if you are).

Anonymous said...

I like okra! I think it tastes especially good fried.