Monday, July 12, 2010

human conductor

Things are getting somewhat settled--albeit VERY SLOWLY--in the new apartment, but one thing that's hard to get used to is that the only channel we can get in here without some serious acrobatics is Fox* (which wouldn't be so bad if my work schedule didn't overlap with So You Think You Can Dance. Don't tell me what's happening; I'm hoping to catch a marathon of the current season soon).

But the World Cup is An Event, so we pulled out the big guns. Jon had made this very fancy antenna when we were in the condo, and as you can see we are able to get ABC. But only if we hold it juuust so.

Excuse the hair. I didn't want to miss anything by trying to fix it after I jumped out of the shower.

I had to hold the antenna at a different place than Jon did (of course we took turns); who knows what conducting a signal with your torso for a few hours does to your body.

What I lacked in jumping up and down, I made up for in yelling. My dad would have been proud, if he weren't busy jumping up and down and yelling in his own living room.**

The neck pain was totally worth seeing Espana win it all. Sorry, Ale, your guys played a hell of a tournament, but after the U.S. and India, I always root for Spain.

*No cable or dish--we're trying to save for a wedding.
**We were worried about missing something if we drove over to my parents' house to see the extra time.


Anonymous said...

Well you are not so much a conductor as a reflector for the incoming TV signal. Nice job.

Germany was sabotaged by that bogus yellow card for Muller.

Teej said...


Madelyn said...

question: according to your fortune cookies, something big was supposed to happen to you today . . . did anything happen?

Anonymous said...

i hope you and the cry-baby boys will be very happy!!!!! and now excuse me, I still have some more of my Zara shirts to shred!

Anonymous said...

You guys are so cute! You say you shared the job of holding the antenna, but I only see pictures of you...

cadiz12 said...

he did too. but he didn't want to break for a shower and didn't want to be photographed. you know how boys are, always wanting to look all dolled up with their curly mustaches and whatnot.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Would you like to borrow our gardener who can make a super antenna with a wire clothes hanger?

Nothing like living in this part of the world, we can create anything to meet almost any need.