Thursday, April 14, 2011

be sure to check on me if i ever have a kid

A long time ago when people used to make fun of me for knitting (before it was a trendy hipster thing to do) and making clothes and other crafty stuff, I used to laugh and say I'm honing those skills "to prepare for the depression." That might have gotten a snicker in the heyday of the '90s/early-'00s, but it sure isn't funny now.

Another thing I always say is that I must have used up all of my allotted all-nighters writing papers in college. Tonight I'm really really praying that's not true. Because if I wake up in a puddle of drool at this desk at noon tomorrow, I AM SCREWED.


Ale said...

i'm so sick of everyone making babies out to seem like little monsters (and i dont mean lady gaga fans), i guess some babies are difficult, but not ALL. I was a LOT more sleep deprived during my entire twenties, with clubbing etc etc, then now. so anyway i will tell you what my mom told me: "you will have a nice sweet baby!" i said, how can you be sure? she said, i'm sure! so there, no worries, don't listen to anyone with baby horror stories!

cadiz12 said...

oh ale, you know i'm talking about MY BABIES, which of course will be half Cadiz, so it's a guarantee that they will want to be up at least half the night, every night. my mom has always said to me that she will get her revenge when i have my own kids and they'll turn out to be even more demanding than i was.

but it is nice to hear that little sweeties like yours are out there. i'd rather believe your momma on this one.

Eclectic Bride-Wife-Mom said...

You'll get really good at naps. I think God made it so that we (moms) can't sleep through a baby crying the same way they (dads) can.