Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A07 & m

Back in February, Angel07 married a wonderful fellow named Mark.

As you may remember, Angel07 has thrown some AMAZING parties, she has been a guest-blogger here and also took part in the great paper-flower-making bonanza of 2011.

So of course when I heard about her awesome movie-themed nuptials, I could hardly contain my enthusiasm for how I might help. She was gracious enough to let me make stuff that she would actually be wearing on her wedding day, such as her veil, her bridesmaids' fascinators and even a faux-fur stole. 

We took a trip to the fabric store, her bridesmaids chose some silken flowers they liked and some baubly stuff, I dismantled them all and put it back together. 
 The girls looked absolutely gorgeous.*

 This is pp! All the photos in this post that don't look like they were taken with a cameraphone were shot by the same brilliant photographer who did our wedding. The others, of course, were taken with my cameraphone.

I can't take credit for the little tulle/feather flower piece; I believe it's something marketed by David Tutera.

 Girl looked like a bona fide movie star!

I cannot tell you how impressively organized Angel07 and Mark were. The wedding was mid-February and so much of it, including all the centerpieces (some of the same awesome crew who helped us were one her team), were ready to rock before the holidays! At the reception, they had a table with all kinds of classic movie candy boxes as favors (we're talking Lemonheads, Everlasting Gobstoppers, Whoppers, Junior Mints, the works), and they gave away a DVD to one person at each table (ours was at The Godfather).

I wanted to make their wedding gift-card box look like nothing I had seen before (shocker). I had a couple hatboxes I had ordered but didn't use for our wedding and was brainstorming with the girls about making a movie reel featuring photos of the couple. I made one flat end look like the reel with cardstock, but it didn't look quite right with the hatboxes stacked up like an off-kilter cake.

 So I turned it on its side. The slot for cards is on the top right edge.

I got a little clapper thing (what the heck is that called anyway, a scene marker?) at a party store. Unfortunately, it kept coming down to close. I'm pretty sure people got the idea. 

Happy three-month-and-four-days anniversary, Angel07 and Mark!

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

that's just how i roll, i guess

I spend a lot of time at work listening to Pandora. I have meticulously cultivated more than 20 stations, and there are workdays during which nearly every one of those get played. I like not having to completely decide what I'm in the mood for, so I don't keep any music on my phone (I guess I have to sit in silence when there's no signal). I'm convinced I'll go deaf from having music in my ears all day long, so I keep the volume at the lowest possible level that will still block out the secretary over the cubicle partition ranting about her ex to anyone who happens to walk by.

The other day, Jon was playing something by a band he'd just discovered, and while we normally agree to disagree on musical taste, I was kind of really feeling it. The only comment I could come up with for what I liked was that it felt smooth. Like something you could picture yourself rollerskating to--in a good old-fashioned rink. On four-wheelers with a stopper on the front. Under a disco ball. Come to think of it, nearly everything I like would work well in a roller rink. Well, everything but the Bollywood.