Tuesday, May 01, 2012

that's just how i roll, i guess

I spend a lot of time at work listening to Pandora. I have meticulously cultivated more than 20 stations, and there are workdays during which nearly every one of those get played. I like not having to completely decide what I'm in the mood for, so I don't keep any music on my phone (I guess I have to sit in silence when there's no signal). I'm convinced I'll go deaf from having music in my ears all day long, so I keep the volume at the lowest possible level that will still block out the secretary over the cubicle partition ranting about her ex to anyone who happens to walk by.

The other day, Jon was playing something by a band he'd just discovered, and while we normally agree to disagree on musical taste, I was kind of really feeling it. The only comment I could come up with for what I liked was that it felt smooth. Like something you could picture yourself rollerskating to--in a good old-fashioned rink. On four-wheelers with a stopper on the front. Under a disco ball. Come to think of it, nearly everything I like would work well in a roller rink. Well, everything but the Bollywood.

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Guyana-Gyal said...

Roller-skating in a sparkly-sequinned sari might be fun? haha.