Thursday, May 02, 2013

so really you should be glad i've been so busy

I can't remember the last time I had a day off from work. Was it a month ago? I wish I were exaggerating. The last three days I've been working 15-hour evening shifts from 11a-2a, as the project we've all been slaving away on for 18 months is finally up and running--well picking up speed to hopefully be running in the near future.

I realize, with all the working the last few months, that I never got around to figuring out what could replace my google reader. And now it is gone. With all the wonderful blogs I've always enjoyed. So that is sad.

But this post is not a total bummer: Jon and I are having a baby (!), due in October/November. I am hoping for Halloween so s/he can share with her/s father, and I can have all the fun of costume birthday parties without the guest of honor being a party pooper.

During these months that I have been vomiting, sore and grumpy, I have channeled that frustration into spreadsheets and dramatic eye-rolling during neverending meetings. I leave work and just want to sit on the couch for the length of one sitcom and go to bed. I haven't had a real meal at home in more than a week. So here is a condensed version of all the whining you likely would have read about if circumstances were different:


You're welcome.


Guyana-Gyal said...


I kinda guessed, I was thinking, why aren't you blogging, you're pregnant, aren't you? Then read it at Jon's first.

Alla said...

oh that GG knows everything....

omar said...


Zinta said...

Congratulations! :) very happy here in Nepal already anticipating more posts about it.