Friday, December 23, 2005

once bitten -- FOREVER

recently, someone asked me what my favorite Christmas song was. I said, 'of course, it's Oh Holy Night.'

yeah, i totally lied.

my actual favorite Christmas song is a little ditty performed by WHAM! -- more specifically famous for its frontman, mr. george michael. yes folks, i AM that cheesy. it's catchy, it's poppy and dammit it has all the best elements: love, heartbreak and a vendetta in a chorus repeated to the point of tattooing it to your brain. what's not to love?

okay, so if WHAM! ain't your thing, the song has also been done by the Beatles, Jimmy Eat World, Human Nature, Savage Garden, Westlife, some person named Billie Piper and (shudder) Hillary Duff. I'm sure a bunch of others have covered it too.

i'm on a mission to find some decent *new* christmas songs. why does everything have to be a re-do of the golden oldies? seriously. 'doesn't it feel like Christmas' CANNOT be all that's out there.


DCveR said...

Well, enjoy your cheesy song with all your loved ones and have a great Xmas and a happy new year!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Man, for me, nothing beats the Jamaican Christmas songs.

Like the one that does a dub version of Silver Bells, and a Jacob Miller style, the one that's about 'a Irie Christmas' and a bruk-pocket day, and great tidings Natty Dread bring you.

The one that sings about skanking and a rubbing-and-a-dubbing.

Then there's this WICKED Trini one, it's a slooow, sensuous blend of parang, calypso and chutney by Leon Caldero. Ay yai yai!!!

Jon said...

I am thoroughly intrigued by the idea of Jamaican Christmas music… A visit to the record store is now in order.

By the way, what IS up with the lack of new Christmas tunes these days? I mean, there are plenty of new Christmas tunes, but I just don’t think any of them are very good. I’m a sentimental old fool though…

Demosthenes said...

In terms of "classic" Christmas songs, Carol of the Bells has always been a favorite, but only the one with the heavy drums and electric guitar. I think that song was too thematic to be a Christmas song in the first place, but once they added the techno... way too intense.

cadiz12 said...

thanks, DCveR! hope you have a great one, too.

ooh, g.g. i'd love to hear some jamaican jams!

jon, i'm a sentimental fool myself, so i know what you mean. and i'm on the hunt for some good new christmas classics, too.

yeah, dem. i love carol of the bells. i haven't head the electic one, but maybe it'd be a little too much for my oldskool tastes.

Noelia said...

I laughed with D the other day because my favorite Christmas song in English is "Jingle Bells". "Of courses, it's because of the HEY!", he answered... that so true. Jingle Bells without a good HEY doesn't sound as good.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Make sure you ask for the Rasta-sounding ones :-)

As for sentimental...gosh...Oh Holy Night wins out for me every time. Goosebumps, feel like cryin', the works.

cream said...

During December our restaurants cannot get away from playing Christmas songs... and by Christmas Day you'd think that I'd be ready to commit suicide! But no, on Christmas morning, the telly is always turned on to play all the Festive stuff that's on! Love it!