Tuesday, December 27, 2005

the problem with parking -- vol. 11

the problem with parking is that when your working hours are jacked and don't include any type of rhyme-or-reason around the holidays, you take for granted that the rest of the free world is off the day after christmas, don't expect seventy BAZILLION people to be downtown stepping into oncoming traffic aimlessly because they're done with family stuff and don't know well enough to STAY THE HELL HOME, and make yourself 20 minutes late finding and feeding a meter. then you get up into your ghost town of an office only to be called a moron because you could have parked in the lot because duh, today is a company holiday.


Guyana-Gyal said...


I thought there was a problem with the company parking lot, thanks to Mr. Security Guard.

Hey, Cadiz, print some of these and hand them out to parking lot attendants hehe

cadiz12 said...

that's the thing, g.g. i can never keep this stuff straight! i thought i'd avoid having to wring that guy's neck by not even bothering to park in the lot at first, only to find out it wouldn't have been a problem.