Friday, May 12, 2006

truly outrageous

'i didn't realize there were cartoons on in the morning until i was in like 5th grade.'

'are you KIDDING me?!'

'it's no joke. of course then i was waking up before the sun was out to catch as many as i could before school. and saturday, forget it.'

'i loved cartoons any time of the day, but even that couldn't get me out of bed early. except maybe for the 'Smurfs'.'

'yeah, i remember all those really good shows. like 'Transformers.' but then they go and put 'Jem' on. then 'Thundercats.' what a way to mess with a lineup. i always thought it was such a mistake. it should have gone straight from 'Transformers' to 'Thundercats.' none of that 'Jem' nonsense. they could have just shown two 'Transformers' instead.'

'but Jem is excitement. oooo-oooh, Jem is adventure! c'mon, dude, that was a good show.'

'uh, Jem sucks.'

'whatever. i'll bet you got your ear pierced with the secret hope that one day, you too could have a magical earring turn you into a superstar.'

'nah uuuh.'


omar said...

I'll watch Jem now for comedic value, but you wouldn't have caught me watching it back when I was in my prime cartoon watching days. Too much pink stuff.

Ale said...

dont know any of those cartoons- xpt smurfs

NOW days, dora the explorer is all the rage! si, gracias!

Katie said...

I used to wake up at five in the morning to watch Power Rangers. Now I don't wake up early, but I still watch cartoons.

Popeye said...

My sister and I called Saturday, "Cartoon Day."

Syar said...

I've never watched Jem. I blame Malaysia.

whenever I don't have class and wake up early, I'll watch Nick JR. Dora and Blue are awesome.

I loved power rangers once upon a time too.