Tuesday, August 15, 2006

no complaining: day 2

i know you're all very concerned about the ginormous undertaking i am embarking on with this no-complaining thing, so i promise to give you continual updates and you can offer feedback.

yesterday as H and i were walking around in the city*, i mentioned this cute little segment i remembered fondly from sesame street (and i'm talking about oldskool, no elmo here) about a cartoon on the side of a glass who lived in a kitchen cupboard named "teeny little superguy". sing along if you remember:

just look at the stars,
just look at the sea,
he's inside of you and me

you can't tell a hero by his size
ooooohhhh yeaaaaaaaah.

that entertained me for quite some time. i'm not so sure about H, but he's a good sport all around.

so tonight in the dungeon, i looked it up on youtube, but didn't find it.

AHEM, so instead of complaining about it. i have resigned to entertain the stacks of extra xerox paper here on my desk with my own personal rendition.

on repeat.

*disclaimer: now that H is back in his own state, there's a slight possibility that the concrete foundation of the 28-day-no-complaints mission could get a little shaky.

and i think i had the lyrics wrong, too. "don't look at the sky, don't look in the sea..." follow her link in the comments to see the cartoon...

YAY! willowtree made my dungeon day. hey, maybe this no-complaining thing is really working! thanks, willowtree.


willowtree said...

Teeny Little Super Guy
Pops right up before your eye
He's no bigger than your thumb

"Snap your fingers, here I come-
Now stop me if you've heard this one..."

I'm not even ashamed that I know all of that. Snaps and all.

Teeny Little Super Guy

cadiz12 said...

i really have to work on my YouTube search skills...

*~mad munky~* said...

ah, youtube... can always find somet on there to make me laugh :o)

angelciela07 said...

Glad you had a great bday!

and I LOVEd Teeny Little Super Guy!
ooooooooh yeeeeaaaaaah!

Modern Viking said...

I forgot all about that guy! And that used to be one of my favorite bits. Thanks for the memory :)

Radioactive Jam said...

Ah yes, the one and only TLSG. Another faint memory from (I think) the same time frame: Germs the invisible dog?

Happy belated birthday. And I've no doubt you can go without complaining as long as you want.

Guyana-Gyal said...

Your birthday?? Happy happy belated. Celebrate one more year of living.

I remember that cartoon on the side of the glass!

wendela said...

I love TLSG! That brought a huge smile.
I think I will also try the no complaint thing. You're way more ambitious than me. I may get through 28 hours.