Thursday, December 21, 2006

bone dry

"hey, are you going to send me those reports or what?"

"i'm sorry, we had some stuff come in late so we're running behind."

"they're almost 45 minutes late! but you don't care, right? you're leaving."

"of course i care!"

"why? what are they going to do, fire you?"

"yeah, but i care about my integrity, you know?"

"eh. when's your last day?"


"and they didn't offer you any kind of severance?"


"you didn't go in there to try and negotiate? you should have."

"well, i was on contract. now it's over. what's to negotiate?"

"eh, well, they pretty much suck you guys dry anyway, right?"

"every last drop."

"well, i'm sorry to see you go. i'll miss you."

"i'll miss you, too."

"now can you send me some reports?"


The Stormin Mormon said...

It's hard to get past that whole "Last Day" syndrome...

And then to realize that other people will still be working there tomorrow.

guyana-gyal said...

Down to the very last drop, eh?

Radioactive Jam said...

Nothing better than being a short-timer. Also, nothing worse.

ML said...

Good for you keeping your integrity! It's something that goes every where you go!

Anonymous said...

Statistically, the unemployed usually obtain a better job at higher pay in less than six months. This time next year you will be boring your new co-workers about the odd hours you had to keep and how poorly you were paid.
You will go back a visit the poor wretches in the dungeon and wonder what you ever saw in it.

Lia said...

Good luck with getting on with bigger and better things! Hard work is always appreciated, where ever you go. Or maybe not appreciated, but useful.

Anyhow, enjoy the freedom over the holidays.

Jon said...

Well, at least now all the sucking is done and you can replenish before moving on, right? Hope you have some fun plans for the holidays :)

Jasmine said...

you finally done?!

Princess Jibi said...

its kool... a new year beginning soon and a new job... You never feel the impact of changes until a while after... but I think this is going to be a change for the good... Good luck with maintaining your friendships with your colleagues.. its such a hard thing to do...

but you deserve a break.. i havent seen you posted anything yet on whats the plans for the holidays...

DCveR said...

Hi! Just dropped by to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!