Wednesday, December 13, 2006

six that set me apart

RULES: Each player of this game starts with the "six weird things about you." People tagged must write a post of their own six weird things as well as state this rule clearly. They must then list six people to be tagged and notify them via comments on tag-ees' blogs. I was tagged by Lia and Syar.

1. As many of you know i have freckles on my tongue. family members have told me that with them comes the power to curse people. a doctor told me the fancy medical name for them and that they're harmless. i'm gonna go ahead and believe i have superhuman power, for which i should never be crossed.

2. i don't like when foods mix consistencies. the biggest offender? chunky peanut butter [shudder]. however, maybe i'm growing out of it, because i love bhelpuri, which mixes crunchy stuff with tomatoes and onions and potatoes and other good stuff. but i tend to give motherland food a pass. especially if i'm risking food poisoning by buying it from a street vendor. i think the danger is what tastes so damn good.

3. i usually like to play by the rules. i was always the annoying kid who made everyone wait while i read the rules on the inside of the box cover before we could start playing. i don't like cheaters, either.

4. when i was little i was terrified of cats. my parents used this to keep me in line, threatening me when i was behaving badly by saying "the mau is coming! you better get your shoes on right this minute! i think i hear the mau!" the same tactic was used to keep me from wriggling out of my carseat, but instead of the mau it was that the police would come if i didn't stay put. i still have a lingering mistrust of law authorities as well as cats. i take each on a case-by-case basis.

5. i was a copyeditor in a past life. as you can see by how i've edited the RULES above, i can't seem to turn it off and continually have to monitor myself when reading anything from billboards to a friend's wedding program. someone once told me "everyone needs a copyeditor" after snidely correcting an error i had made. i was miffed then but now i realize it's the truth, proven by every single one of my blog posts.

6. when i'm very tired and i'm falling asleep, i clack my jaws together like a nutcracker. i'm told it's not terribly loud.

my victims: ML, beeenz, highcontrast, ale, viking and becky. my apologies if you have already been tagged by someone else.


Demosthenes said...

The Mau? Are you kidding? That's horrific. I think I would be permanently scarred. It seems like everyone has a story like this except me... the parents of one my best friends told her she was fatally allergic to chocolate when she was little so she wouldn't eat any and get hyper.

Anonymous said...

Parents can be so... opportunistic. ;-)

And I think #2 is why I *can't stand* ice cream with nuts or candy bars with nuts. I like nuts, just not mixed with other tasty treats.

Exception: Snickers. Also Snickers ice cream.

Anonymous said...

What a great meem! Thanks for tagging me. I'll have to think of some weird things about myself. I bet I can list more than six!!! :)

Ale said...


1. you can redecorate the house and i wont even notice until i try to sit down to watch TV and end up hitting the floor w/ my butt.

2. i wake up before 8 everyday even on weekends AND even on vacations

3. i like anchovies - loove anchovies, even on pizza!
....ufff cant think of anything else.... honestly i just dont think i'm weird.. not good at this stuff


omar said...

I'm furiously taking notes on how to scare my kid into doing what I want.

You should have included that you drink milk with pizza. THAT'S weird.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i guess some cat jumped near me and said, "mau," so that's what i called them.

oh, jam, i love snickers too!

can't wait to see what all the people tagged have to say! and ale, i'm sure you can come up with a couple more...

i happen to think milk/pizza cuts the spicy hot factor and goes well with the tomato sauce. and that it's perfectly normal, omar.

The Stormin Mormon said...

I have a mental image of you clamping your jaw up an down like some weird Muppet, while drifting off to sleep...

Anonymous said...

Great meme! I love your answers. Thanks for tagging me!

Guyana-Gyal said...

I really, really should not laugh at the mau. But I can't help it, I'm laughing my head off, Cadiz. Forgive me and don't send the police. tee hee.