Monday, March 12, 2007

can't wait to hear your oscar speech

last weekend ri, kaiya and i ordered takeout costa rican and watched The Departed. after having seen the oscars and hearing the theme music time and time again as the movie's nominations were called, i noticed every time it was used in the film. and while the series of events in the movie kept me constantly nervous (i felt like i was cracking up as much as the protagonist), i could focus on the score to take my mind off of worrying who the *actual* bad guy was.

you never really think about soundtracks to movies, until The Academy reminds you that you should. i still remember realizing that i actually like the sound of the accordion after seeing Amelie or that a score could be listened to like an album when croc would have Braveheart playing on repeat while we studied for our college psychology exam.

H has been out to visit for the last several days, and on saturday we attended a cd release party for my friend's album, Y. it's very much like a movie soundtrack, and listening to it you get the feeling that this guy could do some great work with peter jackson or steven spielberg. i've been following the treacherous journey he has had-- five years of creative sweat, love and probably tears. he wrote it, sings, plays a lot of the instruments and painstakingly produced the entire thing. i'm amazed by what he's been able to put together, and can't even fathom what it must have taken to do so.

so congrats on your cd release, c. don't forget the little people when you make it big.


Syar said...

I loved Amelie's soundtrack. And also the folksy polka thing they had going on for Everything is Illuminated.

Glad you had something to focus on for the Departed. I didn't notice the Score and therefore spent the entire time biting my nails.

Congrats to your friend! What an achievement.

Radioactive Jam said...

Even though I'm just a mostly clueless consumer, I can tell the difference between "good" and "ho-hum" CDs. Your friend's album? Good. Definitely.

Hope it gains some much-deserved recognition.

ML said...

It's so true! I don't really pay attention to the soundtrack. Well, let me back up here. I did notice the music in Titanic - bad movie, but the music gave me chills.

Wow, congrats to your friend's album!

Lia said...

I've always thought that the composers don't get enough credit. The music sometimes really makes or breaks something.

I'll go listen to the music now.

Jon said...

most people don't realize just how much life the soundtrack gives the movie. I'm always paying attention to that. John Tucker Must Die had a probably the best soundtrack I've heard in awhile. and the good soundtrack to bad movie ratio was off the charts. Stranger than fiction also had a great soundtrack for a great movie.

Best of luck on your friends album!!

jinius said...

i really liked the departed and was so stressed the whole time. and when did leo get so hot? he finally got out of puberty.

cadiz12 said...

i stayed in a bookstore an extra hour just because they were playing theAmelie soundtrack. i know, me=dork, but that movie makes me feel happy. i love those movies where the soundtrack totally takes you back. titanic is one of those. and composers definitely don't get enough credit.

john tucker must die?

DUDE, the departed was nerve-wracking. and i think leo did himself a service by getting a haircut.

thanks on behalf of my friend, jam. i know i'm biased, but i really like his music, too.