Friday, March 16, 2007

karma is spelled D-U-K-E

"i noticed that i didn't get an invite to your final four pool. you invited my boyfriend and my ex-boyfriend but you failed to extend an invitation to THE ONLY OTHER PERSON ON THE PLANET THAT COMES FROM THE SAME SET OF DNA?!?"

"you don't even follow college basketball!"

"um, I DO DURING MARCH. and you know it."

"well, it's just freaking annoying that you don't know anything about it and still win."

"WHAT?!? you're excluding me because i consistently kick your ass? shameless."

"whatever, i know your record; the less you know about the teams, the better you do. and i'm NOT going to be shown up by my sister in a pool with all my friends."

"you are freaking ridiculous. fine, forget you. i don't want to be in your stinky pool anyway. and you know what? i'm going to help H with his brackets!"

"NO! as commissioner, i'm going to have to administer some rules here: THERE WILL BE NO TAG-TEAM TEAMS!"

"you're full of it. you should have thought about that when you did not include your own sister. hmph!"

"fine. i just sent you an invitation."

"i don't want it anymore. not if had to twist your arm."

"no, really. i'm inviting you."

"took you long enough."

"but on one condition: you can't use your real name."

"why, because you don't want to be a laughing stock when i clean the floor with you?"

"something like that. PROMISE. not your real name!"

"fine. but now that you've made such a big deal about it, i'm not even going to win anymore."

"that's what i'm counting on."

i never did get that invite. the excuse was that he sent it to cadiz12[at]gmail[dot]com, not the CORRECT address, cadiztwelve[at]gmail[dot]com. whatever.

i do not regret laughing uproariously after hearing one of his favorite teams, Duke University, was eliminated in the very first round. and for the record, i honored his wishes and did not help H, however he's STILL in first place in the pool.

ha! that's what you get for keeping me out, baby brother.


Radioactive Jam said...

Okay I tried this once and - maybe - Blogger ate it. If so feel free to delete one.

Do you have similar conversations every year, or has he recently learned this valuable life-lesson?

Ale said...

you should have signed up in his pool as cadiz12! heheee

cadiz12 said...

well, i never really had the chance to be mad before the games started until this year. he's salty because in college i won a few pools-- including that had a couple hundred people in it. and even though he bases his picks on laborious research, i won because i liked the way "gonzaga" sounds and felt that "wake forest" was sort of pretty. hee hee.

the key is getting at least one 5-12 upset correct right at the beginning; it usually shuts out strong opponents. but like anything, it's a crapshoot. i likely wouldn't have had a good showing this year, looking at how the games have played out so far. but i was just pissed he wasn't including me.

i was going to do cadiz12, even though i thought it would be funnier to use my real name backwards so everyone would still know even though i was playing by the rules.

that would have REALLY ticked him off.

cadiz12 said...

somehow comments had gotten turned off. hope it's working now!

R2K said...

: )

The Stormin Mormon said...


Modern Viking said...

Karma can be so cruel... Bringing down an entire team just to teach baby brother a lesson... It just doesn't seem fair to me.

Jon said...

I'm involved in a couple of pools. After the first two days I was on top in both. The weekend however, was a massacre. I don't think I'll be able to recover. I'm going to go cry about that right now.