Friday, September 28, 2007

it's people who make the difference

I'm the only one in the office today; everyone else is out or traveling for work. From the moment I walked in, it's been a battle to stay focused and get stuff done, but then when I got an e-mail addressed to the entire company about the merits of social media, all that productivity went out the window. Attached were some YouTube clips: Ask a Ninja (which is just awesome in general), and this.

I can't even explain why, but suddenly I was sitting here all alone, and crying.


Teej said...

Oh, Jesus. Now I'm sitting in Starbucks crying.

This is sort of like that (opening? closing?) montage in "Love Actually" where they show all of the airport reunions. Turns me into a teary, snotty mess every time.

At the risk of being just a little too sappy to a total stranger, I would totally hug you. Just cuz.

Becky said...

i've seen this several times, and always that it was nice, but this time- now that you mention crying, i am also inexplicably sniffling back the tears at my desk.

i think i just needed a cue from you that this was sweet and worth crying over to give myself permission to just let it out.

i'm dead on the inside, by the way.

willowtree said...

The first time I saw this, I didn't last long dry faced. Strangely enough, I feel almost relieved to know I'm not alone in reaction- on this one in anycase.

Here is the information I used:
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velocibadgergirl said...

It didn't make me cry, but I smiled and smiled, and felt sort of happy and mushy by the end.

My favorite hug is the first one, but I also like the one where the boy and the lady are winding up to charge at each other, hitching up their pants dramatically and such. :D

Nadia said...

What the hell? Two minutes in and I'm already tearing up? Bah. I disgust me.

Radioactive Jam said...

The easiest way for me to avoid getting emotional is to simply not watch such things.

Of course that's all kind of academic now.

Most amazing: the fact you got a company-wide email on the merits of social media. Guess I expect social media-related emails at most companies would be more along the lines of a banned/blocked site list.


Jessi said...

I blogged about that last year (and didn't watch it fully again because I knew I'd be crying again). Isn't it amazing? <3