Thursday, July 17, 2008

i'm pretty sure he's messing with me, because if not, my brain will implode

"Yeah, I don't think I'll be coming over Friday night."

"Why? Are you going straight home to suburbia?"

"My flight gets in at 4:00 and Dad gets off at 4:30. He's coming to pick me up."

"You realize that Dad works in the far northwest suburbs and it will be like 6:30 before he gets anywhere near picking you up at that time of day, right? You should just take the blue line from O'Hare downtown and have dinner with me and H. It's not like you're going to have any luggage; you're just coming home to drive your car back to Alabama, right?"

"True, but I might have to check a bag."

"Why? You won't even be in town for 24 hours!"

"I'll be carrying liquids—shampoo and stuff."

"Okay. Let me get this straight, you're coming HOME for LESS THAN A DAY and you need to bring SHAMPOO? You're coming HOME! Not some cheap motel with no complimentary cleansing products! HOME!"

"I need it."

"Can't you just put some into a smaller less-than-3-ounce bottle and carry it on?"

"I don't have a little bottle."

"Can't you GET ONE?!"


"Okay,  you know what? Just sit at the airport and wait for Dad. You could be enjoying dinner and perhaps the new Batman movie with us, but whatever."

"I did want to see that movie... Let me get back to you. I might come downtown after all."


Michelle said...

Good grief, indecisive much?!

naechstehaltestelle said...

Hmm...maybe it was really really good shampoo??

SupaCoo said...

Really, really good shampoo, or something illegal like MUSHROOM TEA. That's what I vote for.

omar said...

Or maybe he really likes the airport atmosphere?

Noelle said...

Wow, Batman movie as incentive. I like it.

Jon said...

I don't even check a bag when I go home for a week. Of course, I'm known around the house as a shampoo thief... And they usually change the locks every time I come home... Also, my parents moved awhile ago, but I still go back to the same house... I think the people there are starting to get used to me... they only called the police the first four times I visited... also, none of this is true.

Madelyn said...

Maybe he's bringing you a big giant gift and the first thing he could think of to cover up his secret was shampoo.

Ooooooor, maybe he just watched "The Terminal" which made airports seem a little more bearable than they actually are. I know I thought it would be cool to live in one after I saw that movie.

Eclectic Bride said...

I still can't get past that he drives a car let alone is a grown up. Although that is a conversation I have with my lil sister. ugh. we're going to be roommates soon too. double ugh.

Lia said...

Bribery. Will get you from the airport.

Driving from Chicago to Atlanta? *shudder*

cadiz12 said...

he didn't check a bag. and he took H and i out to dinner when he got here. not a bad kid.

Librarian Girl said...

Ah, the power of Batman.