Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I don't usually talk about work, and I won't go into specifics, but my boss abruptly gave two weeks' notice. I don't know what that's going to mean for the rest of us (especially me) in this four-person-outfit-that-will-become-three, but I'm still a little stunned right now.

So I went on wordle.net and made this:

Basically you put in your URL and it comes up with a graphic interpretation of the stuff it finds on there.

Apparently, I use the words "going," "just," and "Highcon" quite a bit.

Tomorrow I will have a recap of Kaiya's wedding.


Anonymous said...

Most likely this is a chance for advancement.

Is your boss the person that the client trusts? If so, could be serious. If not, should be no big deal.

Anonymous said...

I hope everything works out for you and your boss.

SupaCoo said...

Yikes. Hope it works out for the best.

Lia said...

A 25% reduction in staff? Ouch. Good luck.

On the other hand, sometimes I really have to admire people who are able to quit jobs. Assuming, of course, that there's a good reason and a good alternative.

rye said...

Oh how fun!

(The wordle ... not your job stuff.)

cadiz12 said...

she got an offer she couldn't refuse (i wouldn't have, either!) and i'm very happy for her. after talking it out, i think things will be fine. in 3 hours after putting up an online ad, we had some dozen applicants.

i was just taken aback. we are a pretty tight-knit office, but i guess leaving isn't something you discuss with the people you're leaving until it's real.

naechstehaltestelle said...

I used the wordle once on my blog and the word Macbook kept popping up. I couldn't save the jumble (though it looked nice) out of sheer principle.