Wednesday, December 17, 2008

drastic times

I've mentioned before that I have long hair. To steal a phrase from someone's twitter (velocibadgergirl? sorry, I can't remember), it's grown so long that I can very nearly tuck it into the back of my pants, which is why it's almost always in a bun or ponytail these days.

For years, I've bandied about the idea of cutting my hair really short and donating it to Locks of Love. Cc can attest to the fact that I've been talking about doing that for at least seven years. I've come close to hacking it all off a few times, but couldn't bring myself to do the deed. But something clicked in the last few months, and I've accepted that it's time for a change (plus all the stress has really taken a toll on the old hair and skin and I think nearly starting over will probably be a good thing).

One thing I've always prided myself on was that I always try to do what I said I'm going to do. Even if it takes seven years. My appointment is tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. Ri is coming along for moral support.

If I end up going through with it, be readyfor a WHOLE LOT of crying and whining. I'm prepared for everyone to be shocked when I show up with the shortest hair I've had since 1984,* but it helps that the boyfriend doesn't care one way or another; in fact he prefers short hair (practically the only guy I know who does). What he doesn't realize is that it's probably going to take me 12 times as long to get ready to be seen in public. My reliable 20-minute routine is in for a makeover, too.

*Well there was that one other time: During freshman year in high school I put it into a ponytail and chopped--right before a big party where I was going to see the guy I liked. When I saw how awful it looked, I pretty much threw myself on the floor and beat the carpet with my fists in hysterics. Kids, don't try any hair-cutting "techniques" you read about in teen magazines. Especially when you're 14 and STUPID.


Momma, The Casual Perfectionist said...

Good luck! It's going to a great cause. You should do before, during, and after photos!! :)

SupaCoo said...

I did the same thing two years ago. I felt SO good afterward. And now, for the first time, I'm finally considering growing my hair long again. You might surprise yourself! It's only hair after all. And thinking about the people who really NEED it helps make it go a little easier.

Becky said...

oh, my goodness! people cutting their super long hair and getting a new look is one of my favorite things in the world! you're gonna walk around like you're in a pantene commercial all afternoon, and you won't be able to keep your hands out of it. i'm SO EXCITED for you! i'm sure it will be gorgeous.

Noelle said...

Last year around this time I had a ponytail cut off. It felt great, and looked really cool. I hope you have a similar experience!

Lia said...

What a great thing to do. Good for you!

Madelyn said...

I had short hair recently and am currently in the process of growing it out . . . making it look good can be tough, so most people never see me without a beanie on. Just do that if you hate it.