Sunday, December 14, 2008

what's that old saying about the dead cat?

"We're going to do presents and such after you get back from L.A., right?"

"Either way is fine with me. But sure. I mean, if you need the extra time and all."

"What do you mean if I need the extra time?"

"I already got your present."

"Is that so? it in the house somewhere?"

"Sort of. I mean, I got it, but I don't have it."

"What does that mean? Like you ordered it or something and it hasn't come yet? Does that mean it'll come when you're not here? Or do you have it hidden in like one of the 2.5 possible hiding places in our tiny place? Or are you just trying to throw me off because you can say absolutely anything with a straight face?"

"We're done talking about this."


SupaCoo said...

Ha! We have the same problem here. That, and we never go anywhere alone so it's not like we can be sneaky. I think I know everything Santa is bringing me this year, mostly cause I helped to buy it.

Lia said...

You don't really want to know, do you?

Willowtree said...

Check the .5 space, the other 2 might be too obvious.

cadiz12 said...

nah, i love good surprises, so i didn't really want to know. and i knew he wasn't going to tell me either; seriously the guy would be a very good spy.

Jon said...

Of course, you failed to answer the question about whether or not you have his gift.