Tuesday, February 03, 2009

me, Gandhi, Darwin, Clinton...and Duff

Yesterday Ri was telling me about a segment on Good Morning America about this book Why Him? Why Her?, and she said there was an online quiz that would reveal your personality type. So I took the little test.

Apparently, my primary traits are of a "Negotiator" and my secondary traits are of a "Builder." Normally on these quiz-type things there are one or two bullet points that I disagree with, but I had zero beef with this one. Aside from the generic "friendly," "sweet," "empathetic," "trusting" types of adjectives, it picked up on the more specific "you almost always seek consensus and harmony, and are willing to give up some of your pleasures to build an orderly, harmonious home and family life," and even "when you feel betrayed you can be unforgiving and hold a grudge too long." Yep. But I'm trying to work on that last one.

At the end, the assessment told me that I naturally gravitate toward Director/Builders. So of course I asked H take the quiz when he got home. I'd say it targeted him pretty dang well, too, with the "analytical," "logical" and the "You are also calm, efficient, quick to make decisions and remarkably self-disciplined." Naturally, he is a Director/Builder.

None of this revealed anything I didn't know before--while we do our fair share of bickering, H never makes me feel like yelling until my throat feels torn or hurling inanimate objects at his head; we usually just talk it out. But when you've been feeling frustrated and useless, it's a nice consolation for an unbiased third party to confirm that something you did actually works.

Here are some celebrities who share our personality profiles:
Famous Negotiators

Oprah Winfrey

Leo Tolstoy

Katie Holmes

Bill Clinton
  • Hillary Duff
  • Mohandas Gandhi
  • Charles Darwin

Famous Directors

Albert Einstein

Hillary Clinton

Bill Gates

Nicole Kidman

It's a pretty impressive list. However I must not be caught up on all the stuff Hillary Duff is doing lately that makes her especially noteworthy.


Becky said...

I got the same results... birds of a feather?

Madelyn said...

I'm a Builder/ Negotiator.

SupaCoo said...

I'm a Negotiator/Builder. Does this quiz spit out the same answer for everyone? :D I also wanted to see how I did on the visual/spatial tests!

Alexandra said...

super fun!

i'm explorer/director...
what was ri?

vito would not take such tests if i tied him up and threaten to beat him.... what does that make him?

cadiz12 said...

i guess birds of a feather do tend to gather at the water cooler. didn't the spatial tests show you with the bars how close you were after you hit "next"?

i think vito is probably a stubborn resistor. :)

omar said...

I'm a builder/director. Other builders? Colin Powell, George Washington, and my boy TIGER WOODS.

This made my day. I am Tiger Woods.

WV did not make my day: drowner

Eclectic Bride said...

I'm a Director/Explorer. Very interesting....I'm so making my Groom take this.