Friday, August 06, 2010

the closer we get, the farther apart we are

So Jon and I finally attained our goal of being in the same zip code for what we hope to be a long long long long time. We've been here for almost three months.


I continue to work evenings--generally 11:30a-8:30p. This will probably go on into the unforeseeable future as my shift is the least desirable/hardest to cover and my counterparts aren't going to be retiring anytime in the next two decades.

Jon got a new job.


It's no longer in the city (no more getting up at the bootycrack of dawn to get him to the train). It's a not-temp position for a bit more money. He will be out of the house for about the same amount of time but be paid for more of those hours than before! And there's benefits!


But this is a Cadiz post, so of course there's a downside, right? He starts at 4a, gets home at 2:30p and will be sleeping by the time I get home. I am sleeping when he has to get up. At least when we were in our various forms of longdistance we could talk to each other in real time.

wah, waaaaaaaaaaah.

I know, I know, this is an awesome development. It really is. Did you check out the font sizes on those HOORAYs? There are people with even crazier schedules than ours, some of whom have kids. I'm certain we can make this work, even if it means one or both of us has to take two naps instead of a full night's sleep. And there are always Sunday mornings, which have generally been pretty great.

But I can't help but feel like we're stuck in a Paula Abdul video.


Anonymous said...

seriously cadiz this is either some kind of sick talant you have or you simply have just need to refurbish your blog as 'sempre primavera' where everything always goes your way and i bet it will.

Anonymous said...

Schedules change. Just wait...

Guyana-Gyal said...

Who was it who said, 'let there be spaces in your togetherness'? Well, this kinda space just ain't right.

Har har I thought of Ale when I read this: 'this is a Cadiz post, so of course there's a downside, right?' and there she is.

You have to do an Ale thing...start visualizing :-)

SupaCoo said...

Glad for all the GOOD things coming your way, and I won't even comment on that one itty bitty minor bad thing! :)

Willowtree said...

Im certain you guys will make it work too!