Saturday, September 18, 2010

28 years, six days

My brother and I are opposites in pretty much every way. I tend to walk into a room of people I like with an exclamation announcing my arrival. When I get excited, I speak faster and louder. And I remember my mother telling me when I was a kid that "there's no need to show EVERY SINGLE ONE of your teeth when you smile." But I can't help it.

The kid, however, is slow to smile--he's got this thing my dad does where they aren't smiling but you know they really are because the dimple on the side of their chins turns into a wink (it's also the tipoff when my brother's lying). He enters a room quietly, observing what's going on. And usually everyone else in the room exclaims when they see it's him.

So even though I knew he was probably coming, it was still a nice surprise when he stopped by my office yesterday to say hello. Sadly, he's downtown this weekend and booked up nearly every second, so those few minutes are pretty much all I'll get to see him until he comes to town again. I didn't really even get to wish him a happy birthday.

I love you, bro. Don't make me have to get pregnant to get you to move home.


meno said...

That would indeed be a high price for a visit!

SupaCoo said...

That's quite the threat!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Do whatever it takes, hehe.

My big brother's left eye twitches, ever so slightly, when he's telling a tall tale [a.k.a. lying].

You remind me of someone I know [me]. Were you the child who blurted all the family secrets to strangers?

Sphincter said...

You'd better not be bluffing!