Friday, September 03, 2010

why I should write more stuff down

"So did we discuss everything that we were supposed to as we made this long drive and actually had time together?"

"I don't know, had you made a list?"

"In my mind. But as you know, that's sort of unreliable."

"I have always found your mind to be completely illegible. I've never been able to read it."

-- Posted From My iPhone--everybody needs an editor.


Guyana-Gyal said...

'Unreliable' doesn't always mean 'unreadable'.

But anyway, I like the idea of a little red car, does the top go down? Does the wind blow your hair wildly and does the car go parp-parp like Little Noddy's car or Toad of Toad Hall's car? weeee heeee

cadiz12 said...

the top doesn't go down, but it has a sun/moon roof. :) can you imagine the bird's nest my hair would be if it did?!?!?