Friday, September 16, 2011

T-27.5 hours

And here we are, the day before the wedding. I am SHOCKED that I only a few more things to do instead of running around like a chicken. This could never be possible without the help of our wonderful friends and family who all stepped in and helped so much every step of the way. Love you guys!

My brother and M are on the floor next to me, arguing about the alphabet (they're alphabetizing the escort cards). All I have to do is make a banner, the cake topper and print out the table numbers. WOOHOO!

Jon is having an exciting last-minute bachelor party with his people--indoor skydiving!--as we speak.

I am getting so excited!

Yesterday was my roce* (there was a lot of crying during the blessings and then they broke a couple of eggs onto my head) and mehndi. I'll post more stuff about that later. My mehndi came out pretty dark (the darker it is the more your man loves you, apparently).

Here is the back of the RSVP card that Jasmine (without whom we never would have even met) sent in. She added a little personality to our simple drawing. :)

Yep, that's pretty much how it went.

*The Ros (anointing) ceremony, conducted one or two days before a wedding, celebrates the last day of virginity of the bride and bridegroom and involves the parents' blessing of the bride and groom, who are anointed with ros, a mixture of coconut milk and coconut oil, while a cross is inscribed on the bride's forehead.


{debbie} said...

yah, congrats!!! i hope you post photos of all of your creative details. yes, i still need to give you your thank you cards (that's if you still even want them). happy wedding day tomorrow.. i hope you get some sleep tonight.. how exciting!!!!!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Yes, do get some sleep!

Have a beautiful wedding and a wonderful, happy life together.

I'M excited!

Syar said...

Have a great great great day tomorrow and may it be the wedding of your dreams. Sending my love to you both! :D