Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my husband, the doughnut king

For years, Jon has complained about how there are no good doughnut places in Illinois (he refuses to talk about Dunkin'). Apparently, in Southern California there are a ton of mom and pop operations that serve delicious fried goodness that beats the pants off the corporate chain even on their worst day. I've had stuff from those joints, and I have to agree that they're pretty good. That said, my man's one exception to doughnut snobbery has always been the powdered mini doughnut. These he can enjoy even when they've come from a vending machine.

Behold, the first photograph I ever saw of my future husband, in March 2005:
I spent a good 20 minutes on the phone with Ale when I saw this, his second post ever, trying to determine if he would be cute without the six powdered donettes in his mouth all at once. Also, I came to the conclusion that he he has the softest hair in America. He didn't see a photo of me for another three months.

Here we are, six years later. The guy still likes his powdered mini doughnuts, but not all at the same time.
He could only get five in there at once, and Madelyn and I are pretty sure that he was chewing and swallowing some. He's still got the softest hair in America*, though, it's just a little longer.

*That's just a visual estimation. I don't go around touching random people's hair.


Guyana-Gyal said...

Has he tried a banana folded into a slice of bread? I know the champion for eating this all at one go.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! After seeing THAT, I'm surprised you ever gave him a chance!

Anonymous said...

isnt it amazing what guys think will impress the girl? but as my mom used to say (russian accent) Izz OKey- izz beater dat he acts like dis, dis way no Prostitutes will steeel him away!



Madelyn said...

I'm a little disappointed that he won't even try to see how many regular sized ones he can get in there all at once.

Angel07 said...

just saw this post, there's a place by me called Spunky Dunkers. I've actually never had their donuts, but I better try some before I move!! By Mark there's a County Donuts ...allegedly there's a Mint Chocolate one there. :O

cadiz12 said...

a banana in a slice of bread, gg? now THAT seems like a mouthful.

i could tell he was handsome, anon. even with all the doughnuts.

aw, ale, I can hear your mom saying it! wise woman.

he's lost his edge, madelyn.

angel07, i'm going to have to stop at one of those sometime! around us there are zero doughnut places except dunkin.