Friday, January 17, 2014

Stitch Fix: My Second Box

Unfortunately I have only gotten slightly less lame since the first Stitch Fix post with my first box. This time I didn't model the clothes, either. The weekend went by SO QUICKLY!

But I did model the scarf.
You can see why I don't like doing this. 

This scarf was pretty--I used the "Magic Trick" method* to tie it. But I put it up against a lot of the shirts/sweaters I might wear it with, and I don't think those colors would go. I passed on it.

I had a picture of this one on the floor, but the beauty of it is its drapey-ness, so I'm posting a photo of the little suggestion card they give you with each item--the piece I was sent is the gray, draped sweater (they're just suggesting the striped dress and orange shoes). 

I have a black sweater like it, and I can never leave the draped parts alone, for whatever reason, every time I get up from my desk, I wrap them over my front. They look like bat wings that way, and thus I look like Dracula. It ruins the look. It's a nice sweater, and it had pockets. But I passed.

This polka-dot navy blazer has a bit of a fuzzy feel to it. I really really almost kept it, but I would most likely want to wear it with jeans. I consulted the best stylist I know in real life, pp (she once dressed me for a huge interview I had to get on a plane to attend, and I was really sad when I had to donate the blouse because it was too tight, but I still wear the pencil skirt). She said if I couldn't match the blues from jeans to that blazer, it wouldn't work. So I had to pass. Jon was not a fan of the polka dots. Does he not know me? There have been days when I come back from a whole day of shopping with nothing that DOESN'T have polka dots on it.

This is great. The pattern is interesting, It fits pretty well, I really like the color combos. AND I have a jean jacket just like the one they suggested pairing it with. Can work for the office and out. I kept it.

And now for the item I knew I was keeping the second I caught a glimpse of it in the box:

LOVE. I love the color. I love the detail, I love the style. Looks great on, too (I'll have to take a picture of myself when I wear it). I LOVE IT. Also, this is that color that I love so much that I asked my mother to wear it to our wedding, because it looks awesome on her. Kept.

And here's an "action" shot of me wearing the scarf I kept from the last box.

I combed my hair and put on lip gloss. You're welcome.

If you want to try Stitch Fix, this is my referral link.

*The "Magic Trick" is at 2:35 in this very well-executed video by Wendy's Lookbook, which shows you 25 ways to tie a scarf:


M @ said...

ha! nice action shot! lovely magenta!!! glad you're having a decent time with this service! ~ my luck is fizzling out... been getting total duds the last few boxes. Like they aren't even looking at my profile or what not...

cadiz12 said...

sorry you're not having luck, m! i have been bad about indicating what i like, but i'm pretty open, so i've liked what i got so far! have you done a pinterest page? i put like two things on there (need to do a little better) but they have been reflected in what i've gotten! plus, i sent links to my blog posts about the boxes. not sure what helps most, but i figure more info is probably better.