Tuesday, February 04, 2014


I miss you guys.

Recently I read this "State of the Blog Union" post on designsponge, and while it did have a bunch of stuff that doesn't really apply to my little blogger-standard-template-from-2004, it did hit on a few things that have changed since I started this blog back in 2005.
  • People have a lot more online outlets, so they have shorter attention spans. 
  • a blog is no longer the place to interact with readers
  • "The internet is no longer a place where there is divide between those who make and those who consume.
That makes me:
  • glad that people even read my posts at all these days--especially because I haven't really been writing very often.
  • a little wistful for the days when I'd hurry to check for new posts on your blogs and be sure to see at least one per person and rack my brain to come up with a thoughtful comment for each one.
  • sad that I don't really have time for that anymore--I know some of you are putting up great posts.

I miss writing posts. I miss commenting. I miss documenting both the trivial and the momentous; being able to come back here to settle a bet on when something happened is tremendously sweet. And I've probably forgotten more than I can remember about my life--this place was great to let those experiences live past their moments.

I've come so far. I've gotten to know you, met some of you (hell, I even married one of my best blog buddies from back in the day). It's making me sad that this isn't as big a part of my daily life as it once was.

I miss it.

I need to come back around here more often. 


M @ onthesamepage.com said...

why do you think it's been put on the back burner?

Angel07 said...

More posts please :)
It makes my day when I see you posted. xoxo

cadiz12 said...

M: work. work. work. work. i am so drained from sitting at my work computer for 10+ hours a day, i can't come up with anything say but complain about work.

angel07: that makes me so happy!