Friday, September 29, 2006

smooth talker

"have you talked to your brother today?"

"yeah, he was asking my opinion about whether to go to that florida football game he's been dreaming about for years or something."

"what did you tell him to do?"

"well, it sounded like he really wanted to go, so i said go, but cut back on spending so he doesn't break the bank. he obviously doesn't make much money working 6 hours a week."

"well he called me today, asking me for the money."

"that sneaky little rascal! you know what he said? when i asked if the tickets were really expensive, he said 'money's no object.' i should have known!"

"isn't it amazing how he tells each of us a different story?"

"but, you know, he never actually lies about anything. i didn't think to ask him how the heck he was so confident about the cash. i wish i had learned how to work it like that. he's got us all wrapped around his finger! i don't know where he gets it from."

"probably your father."


Radioactive Jam said...

That is *really* smooth. And I bet effortless, for him. I can't make things work like that no matter how hard I try; it really is a gift.

Ale said...

the downfall of women is that we dont work together, but oftentimes against each other. men just banking on that that's all.

Anonymous said...

Give him the money. He will probably be really rich when he starts working after college.

Demosthenes said...

Sounds like a true master of the art of moochery.

Ale said...

OH HE IS A GENIOUS!!!!! he even has "anonymous" asking for money on his behalf- he works magic!


cadiz12 said...

you guys have no idea. he's REALLY good. in fact, i wouldn't be surprised if he does schmooze his way into big money. he's aware that if he does, i get to live in the east wing of his mansion and he will be footing the bills for my childrens' college education.

Sam Vern Hoot 'n' Nanny said...

Tell this fella to be real specific with his questions Hoot.
Nanny, you just did.

Guyana-Gyal said...

"Money's no object." hahaha I like that, answering without answering.