Saturday, September 23, 2006

this week in television

so i guess my team got eliminated in the first round of the amazing race.


just means that i'm going to have to get off my booty and try to represent my peeps and hope to make it to round two. hey, at least anchal made the cut on america's next top model.

i'm not terribly heartbroken, however, because H and cc convinced me to watch arrested development on netflix. i thought i'd never get into it when i still didn't see the big freaking deal after six episodes, but suddenly the show became laugh-out-loud, freaking HILARIOUS.

i saw the season premiere of grey's anatomy, which i very reluctantly got sucked into even though i think the main character is not interesting enough to warrant all these guys being in love with her. it's soapy, but keeps me coming back for more.

and i finally got around to watching ghostbusters, which is has some pretty dirty references in it. however, i knew a lot of the premise from watching the cartoon the real ghostbusters as a kid. i was waiting for slimer to show up. it took 22 years.

don't worry; i'll still be running home on sunday night to catch TAR.


Jon said...

The world wasn’t ready for Arrested Development. It’s a show that requires you pay attention to it. Not to many people want that these days. They just want instant entertainment and drama. AD takes awhile, but is well worth it once you get there. I miss that show. Fortunately, virtually every show these days makes it to DVD, so fans of the show can still enjoy it :) I can’t even pick a favorite character… Between Gob, Buster, George Michael and Tobias, there’s just too much to choose from. And of course there’s Michael, who sets everything up… damn I miss that show…

Modern Viking said...

That's too bad about your team... But hooray Ghostbusters!

Ale said...

thats just ridiculous!!!! i was going to make fun of them -- oh, i mean CHEER for them- and they go and get eliminated

Anonymous said...

I love AD but I heard they might be cancelling it. Jon's totally right. but the Bluths' humour is like, one of the great contributions to society.

I'm totally with you with meredith. I much prefer Christina. even izzie is less annoying.

and I remember that cartoon. I waqs always secretly wishing the girl and the skinny spiky haired dude would get together. I manage to foist my naive teen romance notions anywhere and everywhere.

cc said...

AD was one of the (if not the) best comedy TV has seen in quite some time. It's original (nevernudes, anyone?) and hilarious. Every actor on the show gave a great performance, and I too have a hard time choosing a favorite (but David Cross is in the lead). I am sad that it only eked out three seasons while junk like Three and a Half Men keep going. You're right Jon, the world is not ready for a show as wonderful as AD. And damn Will Arnett for being stingy on his negotiations. We might have seen a fourth season.

cc said...

OK, because I'm a couch potato, let me recommend some more fall shows for your DVR pleasure:

- Heroes - premieres tonight. Fans of The 4400 will probably like the ripoff.

- Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - tonight . The premiere last week was great, a mix of the film Network and SNL. It's funny that NBC airs a show that's a thinly veiled satire on how bad SNL has become.

- Prison Break - tonight. Excellent drama that is more than just a one-trick pony. It's a smart, nailbiting show. Plus, just two words should convince you: Wentworth Miller (sigh).

cadiz12 said...

i think my favorite is the mother. she gives the best calculating looks. and the fact that her kid doesn't know what it is for her to hug him is priceless.

angel07 said...

I watch an obscene amount of tv, and I never did catch AD. Must add it to Netflix one day and watch.

Grey's...sorry, but I've been in love with that show since the 1st episode the night it aired. Really don't care for Meredith, but damn if Loverboy didn't grow up to be a foooooine McDreamy. Extra anchovies anyone?

Amazing Race...glad you finally watched! Like this season so far! Still don't have a favorite yet. Sorry about your team!

Studio 60, must say I like so far!

Project Runway anyone?? I'm rooting for Michael. He makes it work! ;)

cadiz12 said...

just saw studio 60 on the sunset strip; i liked it! i wasn't aware that sarah paulson is in it. i've loved her since jack and jill, which also had amanda peet.