Wednesday, April 11, 2007

his favorite octogenarian

"By the way, I've been emailing my sister back and forth today. She told me to tell you that moving down there would be the best idea you've had since deciding to be my girlfriend. And if you don't move there, she won't like you anymore (she thinks this will be a very compelling reason). You can do with that what you want :) "

well, you tell her that it would be my pleasure to take up residence in her fair city, and as soon as she can find me a job there, i'll pack my bags!"

She said she can get you a job at Mimi's Cafe. She said she usually makes anywhere from $XX to $XX an hour. Pack your bags!!!"

"did you mention that i move with the swift agility of an 85-year-old woman [i'm extremely sore from monday's dance class] and can't remember what you've said to me 2 minutes before? do those sound like the traits of a successful waitress?"

"Actually, I think you're a little over-qualified. Try not to remember stuff for so long, ok?

"i'll do my best, but it's hard to let go of some of the stuff that pisses me off."

Hmmm... Yeah, maybe food service isn't the best industry for you."


omar said...

These capital letters are throwing me off.

And can I just mention that I hate it when a waiter/waitress doesn't write down my order? Hate it.

ML said...

Food service would be a hard job. I'm more of a behind the scene person...let me cook and someone else can serve :)

Jon said...

But think of all the wonderful posts you could get out of a job like that. Has anyone ever had a blog about their job waiting tables? Several dozen you say? ok, never mind.

Alexandra said...

why would you go into food service??? i mean worst case scenario you still got corporate america....

Lia said...

If waiting tables is not your thing, you can probably get a job doing filing in some dungeon somewhere.

cadiz12 said...

food service is HARD. i'd like to think working in an Emergency Room sort of compares, what with the:
a) people wanting service and wanting it NOW,
b) customer is always right and they can get away with being as nasty as they want and i had to smile and be understanding
c) everything had to be done 30 seconds faster than humanly possible
d) mistakes could be very costly
e) you're juggling 12 customers at once and keeping your eye on who's coming in through the back (via ambulance) assessing priorities every minute of the day
f) there's little time to sit down

as far as capitals go, this is what i was afraid of. i left mine down to further demonstrate who was speaking (some readers voiced confusion at some of my earlier conversation posts). i'm going to try and be consistent as long as possible, but there's a chance i'll revert to my short-lettered ways soon enough.