Sunday, April 01, 2007

i'm uptight, but everything is all right

H was helping one of his colleagues with her new Blackberry Pearl. she is fairly young and didn't want to do much more with the thing than put some songs on it. so H figured she'd be bound to like at least a few things from the Rolling Stone greatest songs of all time list he had on his laptop. however, she apparently wasn't familiar with most of the artists.

i was a little surprised. granted, i can accept that today's teenagers don't know about the Cobra Kai, but she hadn't even HEARD of any of them.

fine, it could be that the girl's a lifelong country fan-- that's fair; they're sort of in their own musical universe. and besides, i myself couldn't find the cheese in a maze if all the clues were based on classic rock. somehow during my formative years, the only music available to me fell into two categories: sappy country and even sappier hindi movie music. and even without the influence of a radio-savvy older person, i managed to listen past Kenny Rogers' "Lady." today, i am proud to say i can identify more than 48% of the music on Rolling Stone's list.

but H said she's not even a little bit country. in fact, she requested hip hop. to which i responded with a big, fat "JIGGAWHAT?!"

i guess there's no real reason for dismay. i understand stevie wonder's music is not hip hop. however, i find it appalling that somebody who purports to like the latter doesn't have a clue who the former is. good gravy, haven't they gotten around to having a stevie wonder round on American Idol yet?!

i suggested that H give her some stevie, some diana and some jackson five because of her request. and for the sake of my sanity, i requested he ask who she considers a "hip hop" artist, adding that if she said something like Akon, i would proceed to shoot myself in the head.

lucky for me, work got extremely busy for them and he never had the chance to ask. i don't think i really want to know anymore.


david santos said...

Very good work! thank you

jazz said...

i'm really bad with music. don't judge me!

also, are you voting for sanjaya? i know he's one of your peeps, but he's really not that good....

also, that david santos is everywhere. i refuse to click through to his spam blog.

Alexandra said...

vito knows more about american music then i do- i'm such a fob

Jon said...

I wonder what the age cut off is. I think if you've been around for awhile, you can't help but hear a lot of the classics. But then again, I was driven to school by my mom up through high school ( and let me tell you, as a senior in high school, nothing is cooler than being dropped off by your mom.) and she always had it on the oldies station. My knowledge/appreciation of the 50's, 60's and 70's is pretty reasonable, I think.

cadiz12 said...

i refuse to click on his blog, too! that's right up there with people who come over and all they can think of to comment is a smiley face.

i don't watch the show, so i don't vote. but i have seen the kid perform on youtube and i agree, he probably is out of his league up there. i feel really bad for him because of the public humiliation, but back him up in smiling through it. he IS one of my peeps, but i was sort of hoping the peep who got this much national attention would be someone admired, not ridiculed.

so ale, when you move to NL, are you going to be a fob all over again?

i built up quite a knowledge of '50s and '60s music myself, back when my peers were listening to def leppard and poison (i never could stand too much of that metal music). i still can't believe my friends were in love with axl rose. blech.

Guyana-Gyal said...

I like listening to music from all over the world but now it's more difficult with so much to do. And here, on tv and radio, all we get is American stuff.

jinius said...

sappy hindi movie music rocks!