Thursday, May 01, 2008

Leave it to the skanks

I have just been informed that one of the Wafflehouse Skanks has broken Rock Band. Granted, the way it was presented to me was with the phraseology "something shorted in the drums; we didn't do it on purpose" but I recognize that sentence for the flimsy coverup for alcohol-laden gaming that it is. 

I am upset. I was really looking forward to taking a crack at it because a) I've never played Rock Band b) I've never played w/ more than one other person c) I'd do WAY better at the singing than playing any instrument and d) Playing video games with my brother is really fun. 

I probably can still try out the other instruments and sing, but it just won't be the same without the drums. 

Maybe I can convince H to let us bring the extra guitar and Guitar Hero so any hard-core Cadiz rocking out will not be impeded in Alabama.

Stupid skanks.

p.s. When I googled "Wafflehouse Skanks" to get the link to my earlier post, it wasn't even the first one that came up! This blog came up third, and it wasn't even the band post that it linked to, but one about the people our office shares a building with. The first two links are to how Kid Rock got into trouble with the law at a Waffle House, and apparently there were skanks present. Who would have guessed? 


The Casual Perfectionist said...

Oh no!! For what it's worth, my hubby broke our drum-set. First the pedal broke and they sent him a new one (for free, since it was within the warranty and a "known issue." Then, he broke a drumstick, but "that's what happens when you play drums." So, he bought some more of those from the music supply store. Then, he's done something to the yellow and the red drums (he knows the real names...I have no idea). I hope it holds out for us to get to our 1-million fan mark! If not, he may actually buy a new drum-set and then make some modifications to make it tougher.

Boys and their toys.

jess said...

lolz you had me at "wafflehouse skanks"

mjaSeattle said...

*googles wafflehouse skanks*

You're number one now :)

Madelyn said...

I tried rock band at best buy once, and the drum feature was only a disappointment, you're better off just being a guitar hero.

cadiz12 said...

those wafflehouse skanks aren't so bad, afterall.

plus, the drums are fixed!

Librarian Girl said...

That story about Kid Rock so totally doesn't surprise me. OF COURSE it was at a Wafflehouse. And OF COURSE there were skanks present.

Guyana-Gyal said...

How about new drums? Bongos, for example. Can bongos be broken?