Wednesday, April 30, 2008


We finally listed the place on Monday, about a month after the realtor was hoping we would. But I think all the improvements were worth the delay and now if it languishes on the market I'll have fewer woulda/shoulda/couldas to kick myself about.

Tuesday morning H had to get the place ready at the last minute for a showing. He showered, set up the bed and all the "show" towels, vacuumed, cleaned the electric stovetop, cleared all the clutter and took out the garbage in about 25 minutes. He opened the door with the trash in hand to the realtor and prospective buyers. What a trooper.

This weekend he will be joining the Cadiz clan on a drive to Alabama for my brother's graduation. Nothing like a 12-hour road trip to get to know your girlfriend's parents. Any suggestions for a good book on tape?


Noelle said...

I just finished "Predictably Irrational" on tape, which was good, but maybe not "meet someone for the first time" good. I also liked "The Road," which is a little depressing for a first time. But my favorite book on tape of all time will always be Harry Potter.

The Casual Perfectionist said...

My hubby and I listened to The DaVinci Code on CD, and we got so enthralled in it that we nearly missed our exit! (The only exit we needed to take after driving 8 hours on the Interstate.) :) I'd highly recommend that one.

Keep in mind, though, that we didn't know the story, etc. I don't know how exciting/thrilling it would be if you know how it ends. :)

We've listed to a bunch, actually. But, that one really sticks out as enjoyable for us. We use a service like audible(.)com.

Have fun!

Lia said...

Congratulations on listing the apartment! I'm sure your hard work will pay off.

I'm terribly embarrassed that I can't recommend anything, but I never listen to books on tape. Hope you find something good.

And bravo, H!

Madelyn said...

Instead of listening to a book on tape, I suggest coming up with a list of suitable topics that all partys will find interesting, as well as give each person a better understanding of the others. Just make sure to avoid such topics as religion and politics. Maybe you could just play 20 questions. Allow everyone to ask one person anything they want, so long as its appropriate.

Also, who has a tape player in their car anymore?

Anonymous said...

License plate bingo?

The Casual Perfectionist said...

I guess I should add that the book I suggested is pretty controversial, so maybe that won't work? I don't know...for some reason, I misread your post and I thought it would just be you and H in the car...but what I was thinking doesn't even make sense when I read it again. Sorry!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun on your road trip and good luck with the apartment listing.


SupaCoo said...

"Water for Elephants" for sure!

Congrats on listing the house - and already a showing! Yippie!

marisa said...

Wow ~ a family road trip ~ H *is* a trooper! Years and years ago, after just having met the boyfriend's parents, I got roped into a road trip with them ~ New Jersey to Pittsburgh at Christmas time, in the snow, and they made me sit in the back, in the middle, between the boyfriend and his mom. Oy vey! But they had some John Grisham story on CD that lasted the entire trip and we got so into it that when we arrived in Pittsburgh, we all sat in the car in the driveway waiting for the ending! It was a fun bonding experience. Sure Grisham is crank for your brain but the narrator was riveting and the mystery/trial story was great. Good luck and have fun! :)

mjaSeattle said...

Good luck with all that! I definitely believe that minimizing the woulda/shoulda/couldas is the way to go. Putting in the extra work for something like just feels so good :)

Good luck with the road trip too. I love me a good road trip! I'm sure you'll come back with lots of good memories.

Guyana-Gyal said...

A Suitable Boy by Vickram Seth.

Okay, that's just me being mischievous, can you see me grinning?

If your parents are chatty there will be lots to talk about.

cadiz12 said...

thanks guys! all great suggestions. However, i don't know if A Suitable Boy would fly, even for the sheer length of it and especially because of how it ends. ha ha, gg!. Harry Potter would have been awesome, but they didn't have it and i don't know if my parents would pay close enough attention to learn the jargon. i'm really glad you had a good experience, marisa, that gives me more confidence in this idea.

good point about the tape deck, madelyn. that sort of kills my idea about using my tape-deck/ipod converter, too. i went to the library last night and got cds of Freakonomics (figured it'd be chock full of interesting tidbits that'd appeal to everyone), The Da Vinci Code (true, cp, it's controversial and improbable, but it was a pretty gripping story and mom-friendly, except for that bit at the end, which i'm hoping my mom will be asleep for) and Water for Elephants (you read my mind, Supacoo! i loved it so much, and i've been recommending it to everyone. also mom-friendly except for one part, which i'm hoping i can escape to a rest stop during or something). i'm just hoping that the narrators are not annoying, because that could really kill the books. but at least we have options.

H has spent quite a bit of time with my parents in the last month, with all the back-and-forth to suburbia for furniture and shopping. But it's not lost on me that being in a sedan with us for 18 hours is no small feat for anybody. my coworkers are convinced that we'll stop for gas and H will go to the bathroom and not come back. But I doubt that will happen.

We have another showing today, and I hope they keep coming!

We'll be gone tonight through Monday, and while I'm not sure I'll be able to post, I'll definitely keep you guys updated via twitter (if you don't follow me, you can see them on my sidebar). I'm sure we'll have a great time, and I'm positive I'll have a lot of stories to tell!

Guyana-Gyal said...

Yes, after all that glorious story telling, history, culture, why does the book end like that? [I'm frowning, not pleased!]